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NSF International Introduces Quality and Safety Service

April 13, 2017

Provides manufacturers and brand owners the opportunity to promote products through third-party independent verification.

Global public health organization NSF International has launched the first cosmetic verification service that provides consumers assurances of the quality, safetyand complianceof cosmetic products. Both cosmetic manufacturers and retailers can obtain NSF International’s cosmetic product verification, which includes regulatory, toxicological and contaminant review testing along with label claim verification and compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), as well as periodic facility audits.
The cosmetic industry is brimming with creative and innovative products. Consumers purchase cosmetics in good faith and, based on label claims, they assume products are both safe and effective. However, cosmetics are not highly regulated in the US and enforcement of existing regulations often occurs after the product is available to consumers. By selecting cosmetic products that have been evaluated against the rigorous criteria of NSF International’s cosmetic product verification, consumers can be confident that products bearing the NSF mark have been tested to meet the quality and safety consumers expect.
“NSF International’s cosmetic product verification service provides manufacturers, brand owners and retailers with a way to demonstrate to consumers that their cosmetic products have been evaluated for safety, tested for harmful contaminants and potential adulterants, and had the label ingredient claims confirmed,” said Casey Coy, manager of Cosmetics and Personal Care Services, NSF International. “The on-package NSF Product Verified mark helps guide consumers to these tested cosmetic products.”
Products verified to NSF International’s cosmetic product verification service will appear in the NSF product listing guide.