Going Green Seeing Red

April 3, 2007

Demand for “green” products has been having an impact on the personal care market for years; now the concept is re-shaping the household cleaning category, too. A growing segment of the population seeks products that are associated with terms such as “organic,” “vegetable-derived” and “environmentally-friendly.” Sure, these terms are nebulous, but as the category matures, winners and losers are certain to emerge.

If consumers, manufacturers and suppliers aren’t thoroughly confused by all the controversy surrounding environmentalism and “green” products, then news about growing regulations in this area will certainly have everyone seeing red.

According to the Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA), state legislatures are putting a lot of emphasis on environmental issues these days and cleaning products have become a popular topic of restrictive legislative proposals. In fact, at press time, a total of 14 environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP) bills have been introduced in 11 states so far this year, according to CSPA. The association is concerned that proponents of EPP legislation often mischaracterize commercial cleaning products as “unsafe” or “risky” to the environment.

As environmental issues gain strength, it’s time for trade associations and their members to get more involved in the process of defining terms such as “green” and “environmentally-preferable.” Sure, it’s a tall order, especially when issues such as REACH are commanding so many resources. But this kind of involvement is the only way that the household and personal products industry can be sure that it doesn’t get swept away by this growing green wave. To see how environmental issues are reshaping the household cleaning products market, read “Going Green Gets Going,” in this issue.

Also this month, we take an in-depth look at the new product trends in the ethnic hair care category (Cleanse, Condition, Repair, Repeat) and tell you what fragrances will hit a high note with consumers as we head into the all-important Mother’s Day selling season (read Fine Fragrance Trends).
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