Don't Shoot the Messenger

September 5, 2007

It happens at every meeting, cocktail party and industry event. Invariably someone sidles up to me and says, “I can’t believe you published an article on...”

These days, most of the conversation is focused on naturals, organics and whatever other word marketers are trying to ram down consumers’ throats in an effort to get a leg up on the competition. Most chemical suppliers are justifiably annoyed when their perfectly good, perfectly safe products are vilified by startup “natural” cosmetic company executives who know very little about formulation or chemistry.

Still, these small firms are moving the needle and pushing multinationals to rethink how they put products together. This dynamic is reshaping the global household and personal products industry and we’re eager to report on these changes. For example, Wal-Mart has its own definition of green and its Chemical Assessment Review Process (CARP) could cause plenty of headaches for the household and personal care industry. At Happi.com, you can read what Coty’s Lambros Kromidas and Susan Eberhart have to say on the subject.

These moves by Wal-Mart prove that the natural movement isn’t going away—it’s getting stronger every day—so we’ll continue to report on this controversial subject on a regular basis.

The Sunscreen Monograph, another subject, is in the news these days as, at press time, the Food and Drug Administration was set to publish the new proposed changes to the Final Monograph. For those of you interested in the FM and other sunscreen issues, be sure to read “UV Protection in Skin Care” on Happi.com. Associate editor LaToyah Burke looks at some of the newest skin care creams and lotions that contain some form of UV protection.
As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions...even when you question our coverage of controversial topics!

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