Final Monograph is Finally Here

By Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director | October 2, 2007

Summer’s long gone, but the sun care industry is hotter than ever! That’s because the Food and Drug Administration has finally issued a Final Monograph on sunscreens. The FM is far from perfect, but it does address several issues that concerned industry veterans. For example, regulators have raised the ceiling on SPF values from 30 to 50+.

In addition, the proposed regulation creates a consumer-friendly rating system for UVA products designed to help consumers identify the level of UVA protection offered by a product. The FDA proposal provides a ratings system for UVA sunscreen products on a scale of one to four stars. One star would represent low UVA protection, two stars would represent medium protection, three stars would represent high protection and four stars would represent the highest UVA protection available in an OTC sunscreen product. If a sunscreen product does not provide at least a low level (one star) of protection, the FDA is proposing to require that the product bears a “no UVA protection” marking on the front label near the SPF value.   

The FM was released only days before the Florida Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists held its semi-annual Sunscreen Symposium in early September. This month, Happi.com includes  a comprehensive look at SPF boosters and photostability of ultraviolet filters in an excellent article written by Nadim Shaath Ph.D., Alpha Research.

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