A Quat a Day Keeps Germs Away

October 31, 2007

A Quat a Day Keeps Germs Away

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A Quat a Day Keeps Germs Away

When most folks think about health supplements, things like vitamin C, riboflavin and antioxidants quickly come to mind. But with the recent outbreak of severe, sometimes deadly, disease due to poor hygiene and building maintenance practices, how long will it be before doctors make sure that their patients are getting a healthy dose of disinfectants and household cleaners?

In today’s chemophobic society, this scenario may sound far-fetched, but with schools closing around the country due to antibiotic-resistant staph infections, it’s certainly not as crazy a notion at all. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been advocating the use of antibacterial hand soaps and hard surface cleaners for years. Unfortunately, the internet and other do-it-yourself media have run rough-shod over scientific fact, erroneously labeling some products as culprits in the spread of disease.

But now, with MRSA receiving plenty of coverage in recent weeks, companies have a unique opportunity to spread the word about the benefits of their cleaning products. Sure, the big buzzword now is “green,” but before a disinfectant can be environmentally-friendly, it better be downright hostile to a staph infection! To find out how the industrial and institutional cleaning industry is handling these and other issues, read Health Issues May Boost I&I.

Happi.com also includes an update on the personal cleansing market. As associate editor LaToyah Burke, notes, the days of good old soap and water are gone forever. Today’s sophisticated formulas provide a variety of benefits, including long-term moisturization—an attribute that has been well-received by Baby Boomers.

Also on Happi.com, Melissa Meisel reports on the latest fragrance launches from industry leaders such as Avon, Coty and Liz Claiborne.

Finally, for those interested in the latest hair care chemistry, Happi.com includes an article on hair care polymers. Written by industry expert Dr. Robert Y. Lochhead, it provides an excellent overview on the state of the industry.
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