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What’s Hotter Than Sun Care?

Published February 29, 2008
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With the final proposed rules for sunscreens nearly in the books, marketers of sun care products finally have a guideline to navigate product claims. That’s good news for industry and consumers too, especially all those folks who seem confused about what constitutes proper protection. The new rules couldn’t be issued fast enough, what with the rapid rise in skin cancer cases around the world.

This month, Happi.com is focused on the dynamic world of sun care products. As LaToyah Burke notes in her article, sales of sun care products jumped more than 13% last year and show no signs of slowing down. To find out more about the newest products from market leaders such as Coppertone and Banana Boat, as well as the newest ingredients for this sector, be sure to read the article LaToyah's article.

Also this month, Lambros Kromidas looks at the often confusing issue of “going green.” Dr. Kromidas notes that there is no clear-cut definition about what constitutes a green product. As a result, the road toward green is often littered with well-intentioned, if somewhat confusing information. Read On the Road Toward Green.

If the thought of environmentalism and going green makes you sweat, be sure to peruse Extra Strength. In her article, Melissa Meisel takes a look at the latest advances in underarm odor protection.

Finally, we welcome a new contributor to Happi this month. Toufique Choudhury, Ph.D. is vice president of research & development at Lifetech Resources. In his article, The Physical Chemistry of Cosmetic Formulations, Dr. Choudhury provides guidance on how to create effective and esthetically-pleasing cosmetic products.

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