Is Good for You Good for All?

By Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director | June 2, 2008

Getting stuck in traffic is nothing new when you live and work in northern New Jersey. But a few weeks ago, when I got stuck behind a bottled water delivery truck, it gave me plenty of time to reflect. As we inched along a county road (presumably the driver was making his rounds to homes throughout the area), I couldn’t help but wonder: is a delivery truck belching exhaust fumes for eight or more hours a day really good for the environment? Add to that the impact of packaging all those bottles, the costs associated with keeping the truck on the road, etc., and suddenly you realize there are better ways to quench your thirst. After all, with a simple flick of a finger, most folks can get all the water they need—add a filter to your tap and you’re sure to eliminate most of the health hazards lurking in the New Jersey water system.
Now, some may argue, “but bottled water is good for me!” But what’s good for you or me isn’t always good for the environment and that’s something to think about these days. Right now in our industry, there are an awful lot of upstart personal care companies that are promising the moon when it comes to environmental claims, but do they truly deliver on their promises? The vote here is probably not, and as the list of certifying organizations continues to grow, the consumer is going to be left to try and sort out the good from the not-so-good all on her own. This month, Christine Esposito reports on the latest developments in the natural personal care market (see Navigating the Naturals Market on Happi.com).
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Kudos for Happi China

We normally don’t like to toot our own horn here at Happi, but we just heard from our colleagues in Hong Kong that Happi China earned “The Most Influential Media in China Cosmetics Industry” award at last month’s China Beauty Expo in Shanghai. Happi China was the only technical magazine with a non-Chinese background to win an award. So, hats off to our team in Hong Kong. Just goes to show you that Happi’s global reach is getting bigger and better all the time.

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