Of Buyers Sellers

By Tom Branna, Editorial Director | February 17, 2011

The Q4 results are rolling in and it’s mostly good news for suppliers and marketers alike. Suppliers report strong demand for innovative solutions to complex formulation problems in the household and personal care industry, while marketers say consumer interest in new products is beginning to grow again, after a difficult 2007-2009 period. For example, P&G’s sales rose 2% in its recently concluded second quarter, on a 6% increase in volume. Meanwhile Alberto-Culver reported an 11% surge in quarterly sales, which should bode well for Unilever, which acquired the hair care marketer last year.

At the center of it all, of course, is the consumer, who seems to be willing to open her purse for products such as skin care creams and lotions.According to a recent report by The NPD Group, sales of prestige beauty products rose 4% last year. Meanwhile, it looks as though interest in natural products is beginning to grow again, as consumers decide that providing a boost to the green movement is worth the extra costs associated with going green.

But there are still some questions that must be answered if 2011 is going to be an extension of the gains experienced in 2010. Nearly every supplier that Happi has spoken with since the start of the year is bemoaning the soaring prices for raw materials. Palm oil is on the rise, petroleum prices keep going up and the cost of basic chemicals is higher than it has been in years. Throw in the unrest in the Middle East, and there’s plenty of reason to suspect that higher raw material costs are going to be with us for several quarters to come.

In this climate, we present our annual Buyer’s Guide, a comprehensive listing of chemicals, components and services for the global household and personal products industry. Our Guide includes more than 600 companies and 400-plus categories. It’s an extensive tome that is sure to help you find what you need to develop winning formulas. Of course, you can access the online version of the Buyer’s Guide throughout the year. Just log on to Happi.com to get links to advertisers, company descriptions and more. The online version of the Buyer’s Guide is updated continuously throughout 2011.

We hope you enjoy this edition of Happi. If your company belongs in our Buyer’s Guide, send me an email at the address below and we’ll set up an account for you right away. And if you’re a marketer of finished products, well, happy shopping!



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