Lights, Camera Happi

By Tom Branna, Editorial Director | August 11, 2011

It’s been said that I’ve got a face that’s made for radio. Unfortunately, my voice isn’t any better, so it’s no wonder why, 30 years ago, print became my medium of choice. Still, there’s no denying that how people get their news has changed since I first walked into a newsroom in 1981. I won’t bore you with talk of teletype, Atex and offset printing, the cutting-edge technologies of newspapers back in the day. The internet has changed the way everyone thinks about newsgathering and the Happi staff is no exception. We were right on top of the trend back in 1996 when we launched Happi.com.

Over the years, we’ve expanded the site to become something other than an electronic version of the monthly magazine. Online, you’ll find exclusive articles, opinions, polls and much more that you can’t find anywhere else. For example, by the time you read this, our sun care webinar, narrowcast over Happi.com, will have been completed and it attracted more than 900 registrants. You can always access it via our archives on Happi.com.

Now, we’re going further in our quest to bring you the news you need to keep those product innovations coming. HappiTV, located right on Happi.com, features interviews with some of the innovators who are shaking up the industry. Our programming is growing every month, so be sure to visit the site often to keep up with the latest developments.

Getting back to print, which will always be my favorite news form, be sure to read The International Top 30 (p. 68), our annual update on the leading companies with headquarters outside the US. Also this month, Melissa Meisel details the latest trends that are powering the multi-billion dollar color cosmetics market (p. 57) and Christine Esposito looks at some of the novel fragrance packages set to hit shelves this fall (p. 51).

We hope you enjoy this edition of Happi and, as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.



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