Waiting For Godot?

January 10, 2012

They’ve been in the news for months, but Tide Pods have yet to appear on retail shelves. There’s nothing wrong with making sure you get things right, but the longer Procter & Gamble waits to introduce the novel detergent form, the higher the bar gets raised for the product. Several analysts have suggested that the launch of Tide Pods, along with similar products that are sure to follow, will reinvigorate the sagging laundry care sector.

We hate to pour water—make that cold water to fit these sustainably-correct times—on their optimism, but even if Tide Pods work as well as advertised and get backed by that big $150 million budget as promised, it might not be enough to propel the industry forward. Consumers have changed the way that they tackle their laundry loads and while Pods may be a step in the right direction, they don’t represent the step-change that’s necessary to get the segment growing again. While we’re all waiting, be sure to turn to p. 49 to find out how marketers are fighting the downturn in detergents.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait to find out what’s hot in the dynamic skin care category. Turn to p. 65 in this issue to learn more about some of the newest and exciting brands in a category that continues to outperform the overall personal care industry. Melissa Meisel interviewed the founders of companies such as LaseResults and BeautyRx to learn more about their soaring prospects. These and other skin care success stories can be found in Future Favorites.

Also this month, find out what suppliers and marketers are making the most of consumers’ growing sophistication for household cleaner scents. Christine Esposito’s article, Sniff Test, starts on p. 57. Esposito’s working overtime this month as she reports on the fast-moving natural personal care market that has managed to keep growing despite the uncertain economic conditions. Nuturing Naturals begins on p. 43.

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