Innovators Wanted

By Tom Branna, VP/Editorial Director | April 2, 2012

The internet has plenty of detractors, but at least you can accurately measure the audience. Our IT staff recently told us that within a few hours of posting, a news article about Unilever seeking input on new product development (NPD) received more than 1,500 visits. Obviously, there is a need to push the envelope when it comes to NPD. After all, everyone wants to know what’s new whether it involves cosmetics or cleaners.

New products helped propel US prestige beauty sales last year (p. 12). Skin care, color cosmetics and fragrances all recorded strong gains. And while nobody can expect double-digit increases year after year, most observers are confident that 2012 will rack up pretty good gains of their own.

That’s certainly the sentiment in the fine fragrance category (p. 77). Industry experts say that successful marketers have developed a formula that combines the juice with the right package, message and spokesperson. It was the right blend to propel Justin Bieber Someday sales last year and experts say more winning scents will be revealed as 2012 rolls on.

The fragrance industry may have had Bieber Fever last year, but in 2012, there remains no definitive face of beauty. Rather, more cosmetics and skin care experts agree that the future face of beauty is likely to be more dark skinned than light and that hair will be more textured than smooth. No wonder why there’s been so much activity within the ethnic hair and skin care categories. To find out what’s new in this ever-evolving segment, turn to p. 85.

Also this month, researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi provide an update on the latest trends in skin care polymers. Dr. Robert Lochhead and his team have discovered more companies creating sustainable alternatives (p. 93).

Convenience is the key whether it’s laundry detergents or household cleaners. Cot’n Wash Inc. introduced laundry detergent packs back in 2005, and now the company is launching Dropps fabric softener (p. 64). To read what’s new in household cleaners and other chemical specialties, turn to p. 57.

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