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The Importance of Mentoring

Scott Vincent Borba explains how the right guidance makes a difference.

By Scott Vincent Borba, Borba Inc.

Published February 22, 2010
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MENTORSHIP. I personally define it as the experiential way to help guide individuals to achieve success in business and within themselves. It is a rare art form, especially when working with interns and freshly hired individuals.

One must shadow the individual as much as possible, BUT must try to strain the bad habits and retain the good habits. When you are being trained to market, develop or create a service incorporating the target consumer's, your audience's, five senses, most times your venture becomes a winner.

I know you are thinking, smell, touch, etc., how does that pertain to my business, service or product? Well, the more senses you can deliver on, the more your audience will be engaged. Take water for example. Make the bottle with a soft touch material and a textured label. Make certain the bottle is designed to pour out in a way that is pleasing so that the “splash” is engineered. Scent the water, make it taste delicious and make it look radically different, yet familiar so consumers are arrested by its beauty.

Nothing is impossible, and your Mentor's role is to guide you, but you must be the owner of your own destiny. Don’t wait to be taught. Ask the question, kindly. Proactively get yourself involved in projects. Research on your own time. Come prepared to add value to meetings, conversations and thought sessions—but don’t speak just for speaking's sake.

Here’s the debate; should you challenge your boss? What do you think? I say....Absolutely. But do it in a way the challenge comes in a non-cynical question form. Supervisors want to feel like they are leading correctly, and allowing them to answer your question and guide you through a new process will be rewarding for you both.

Final thought. If you want to be MENTORED and are being denied, then look outside your current surroundings to obtain the guidance that you crave. Don’t rely on any one person to be your lighthouse.

About the Author
Popular with consumers, audiences and media alike, Borba Founder and CEO Scott-Vincent Borba has earned a solid reputation as a prescient thinker and beauty business visionary.In developing first-of-their-kind beauty products for his company and treating the skin from both inside and out, he is indeed changing the way people think about skin care. More info:

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