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The Ugly Truth Behind Beauty Confusion

By Alisa Beyer, The Benchmarking Company | April 19, 2010

Product confusion is no illusion.

The Benchmarking Company recently conducted an extensive survey with consumers, which revealed some interesting statistics.

The ugly truth: She's confused about what she’s buying:

• Over 79% of women aren’t sure if they are buying prestige skin care products.

• 11% of women who identified themselves as ‘not a buyer of natural or organic beauty products’ say they wear mineral makeup

The half truth: There’s so much on the shelf, she’s doesn’t know what to buy:

• 78% of women are overwhelmed by the sheer number of face creams on the store shelf

• 91% of women feel that advertisers don’t understand them

Nothing but the truth: If you don’t catch her attention immediately, you never will.

• 69% of women say packaging alone does not answer her biggest questions when picking a product.

• On average, women decide to pick a product off the shelf within 3 seconds.

Bits of Brilliance

You’ve got 3 seconds, make ‘em count. You’ve got to communicate what it is, how it works, and why she needs it or else you’ve lost your chance because she’ll be in the next aisle.Is your product/brand making the most of its 3 second spotlight?

Don’t fret. Product confusion is a common industry phenomenon, but it doesn’t have to be your brand’s undoing. Good research can help. Initial concept testing, formula evaluations and strategic planning can shape your creative idea into a winning plan from go, ensuring she gets your message loud and clear!

About the Author
Alisa Marie Beyer works hard to know what women are doing, thinking, feeling, and buying, and what they want from their beauty brands. She is a proven serial entrepreneur who has built and sold three companies and is the founder and creative director of The Benchmarking Company (TBC). She decided to bring her “built from scratch” expertise to the beauty industry when she launched TBC in 2006 after the birth of her third child. Now TBC hosts a unique blend of beauty clients, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies.

Alisa works hard to know what women are doing, thinking, feeling, and buying, and what they want from their beauty brands. By interviewing and meeting with thousands of women annually on behalf of clients like Glowelle, Estee Lauder, Mary Kay, L’Oreal, L’Occitane, Fresh, Bath & Body Works, Guthy Renker and Victoria Secret’s Beauty, Alisa helps companies understand what it takes to gain customer attention, achieve brand loyalty and build a beauty business that works. Through the many planning and ideation sessions she has conducted with both small and large clients, to the complete go-to- market plans she has authored, Alisa helps shape marketing strategies and build brands. As a beauty industry expert in high demand, Alisa also serves as the Global Beauty Brand Strategist for Breakthrough in Beauty, consulting on the development and launch of new beauty care lines for DRTV.

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