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Summer Sun Tips—From Product to Packaging

By Shannon Gallogly, National Education and Training Manager, Decleor | June 28, 2010

Gallogly of Decleor offers points on successful warmer weather releases.

Every year, beauty companies roll out with the latest sun products that use innovation, technology, and the most powerful ingredients to protect consumer’s skin from UV damage. These unique products need to prepare the skin for the sun’s damaging rays, protect with SPF, and repair cells after the sun damage has been done. It is just as important for consumers to use effective sun products as it is for them to be mindful of proper sun tips to ensure they are getting the most from their sun protection.This June, Decleor is launching a new Aroma Sun Expert collection, which focuses on three key steps in sun care: Preparing, Protecting and Repairing.

Preparing the skin for the damaging UV rays is extremely important. Exfoliating with a gentle scrub will slough off dead damaged skin from the surface.Removing this dead skin will allow sun products to get even deeper into the skin. Using a treatment serum up to two weeks before sun exposure will not only prep the skin, but can also help to build up skin’s natural protection. Decleor's Aromessence Solaire, for example is designed to help fend off UV damage. The 100% essential oil serum draws on carrot oil to boost cells’ natural anti-UV barrier. Using a treatment serum in conjunction with an SPF based product will help consumers retain a longer lasting tan with less damage to the actual cell.

Protecting skin during UV exposure is a second key aspect to sun care. To ensure an even tan apply a self tanner such as Decleor's Self Tanning Milk Natural Glow to sensitive areas. Then cover your neck and décolleté with a hat as both areas have thin skin and are more likely to burn. Applying sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before going outside ensures it is properly absorbed, then re-applying it during sun exposure as well as staying out of the sun during peak sun hours are all important. It is equally important to use adequate SPF. Consumers often forget about their eye lids, lips, and ears, thus it is necessary to use an SPF based product for those areas as well. Stressing to consumers to use lotions everyday on the face and back of hands will limit dry leathery skin and premature aging.

The last and most important step in a sun care collection is the repair step. Sun products that repair the skin need to reverse the damages from the sun including wrinkles, sun spots, and moisture loss. Decleor's High Repair After Sun Balm focuses on healing the skin cells with shea butter, regenerating the connective tissue with avocado oil, and taking the sting out of the skin with frankincense.

In addition to products that help repair the skin, unique after sun professional spa treatments can be an effective way to start the healing process after sun exposure.Consumers can then complement the professional spa treatments with at-home sun care. Decleor's Sunset Treatment for the Face and Body is a professional only repairing after-sun treatment. Following sun exposure, this decadent hour and a half treatment helps to replenish and soothe skin from top to toe, while also prolonging your tan and preventing peeling. The treatment utilizes the new Aroma Sun Expert products to help repair the sun’s damage and kick start healthy skin.

About the Author

Shannon Gallogly is the national education manager for Decleor, a skin care company specializing in cosmetic aromatherapy for over 35 years. As a training expert, Gallogly travels extensively across the U.S. educating retailers, consumers, estheticians and spas about Decleor products and treatment protocols. Prior to her role as national education manager for Decleor, she worked with other skin care companies in the beauty industry including, Yonka, Elémis, and Sothys, to name a few. Gallogly also worked for Origins as the training manager as well as for the Mohegan Sun Resort, where she served as trainer and lead facialist.

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