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Beyond Dermatology's Cutting Edge

By Howard Murad, M.D. FAAD, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA, Founder of Murad Inc. | July 8, 2010

Howard Murad on non-surgical care to reverse the signs of aging.

To provide a radical makeover to patients who don’t want to take the surgery route, the Murad Inclusive Health Medical Group (MMG) offers advanced non-surgical care to reverse the visible signs of aging. Murad’s new Technoceutical Skin Resurfacing Treatment provides dramatic aesthetic improvements with limited downtime. This groundbreaking new treatment combines microdermabrasion and chemical peel techniques that are fully customizable to each patient’s individual skin concerns and special needs.

This unique treatment combines a proprietary blend of chemical exfoliators with skin-specific nutrients that smooth and plump the skin while reducing the most common skin concerns, from the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to acne lesions and hyperpigmentation. Technoceutical Skin Resurfacing Treatments are fully customized to a person’s specific skin concerns.

Based on the patient’s skin conditions, the penetration levels and application techniques vary depending on the depth of resurfacing needed. Treatment begins with a consultation in which the physician evaluates the patient’s skin type and needs to determine the appropriate strength of peel, and concludes with an application of a facial mask with a high concentration of pure Vitamin C.

While a vitamin C mask sounds as if it would be irritating to the freshly exfoliated skin, patients consistently report a calming sensation after the mask is applied. Not only does the vitamin C accelerate healing to reduce post-peel downtime, the deep exfoliation provided by the Technoceutical Treatment allows the vitamin C to penetrate further into the surface so that the skin can more completely benefit from the brightening and collagen-building powers of vitamin C.

To give dermatologists the flexibility they need to meet the needs of all their patients, Technoceutical Skin Resurfacing Treatments can be offered in a single session as well as a series for more dramatic results.

About the Author
Howard Murad, MD, FAAD, is a trained pharmacist, Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA's Geffen School of Medicine, founder of Murad Skincare Inc., President of The University for Inclusive Health and a physician who specializes in both inclusive health and dermatology. He has been acclaimed as a "Beauty Genius" by ELLE magazine and an "Industry Visionary" by the International SPA Association. His research in The Science of Cellular Water™ has revealed the ability of cell membranes to hold water as the fundamental marker of youthful good health and offers the world's most comprehensive insights into health and aging. His advocacy of the use of dietary supplements to promote skin health has earned him international recognition as the "Father of Internal Skincare." Dr. Murad is the accomplished author of four books advocating practical lifestyle choices as the path to looking and feeling as healthy and beautiful as possible.

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