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It’s The Content That Matters

By Todd Wickersty, Business Bullpen | September 10, 2010

When blogging, focus on the content, not the tool.

I just finished reading Rework, written by the founder of 37signals, Jason Fried. Fried has built a very profitable business over the past 5-10 years creating and selling web-based project management and team collaboration tools. He has gone about it in a manner that questions many traditional business beliefs. The book provides many of the lessons he learned building 37signals.

One of the points of the book that stuck with me was in regards to blogging. I'm asked all the time, "What blogging tool should I use?" I typically provide a couple recommendations, but insist that you can't go wrong with most of the tools out there.

Fried points out that many people spend too much time determining the tool they should use to start a blog. In the end, as Fried declares, it does not matter. I couldn't agree more. I have spent hours and hours reviewing and comparing blogging platforms. From Wordpress to Tumblr to Typepad to Posterous, they all do at least 90% of what a typical blog needs. Yet many people and businesses spend more time evaluating what each platform is missing - the 10%.

My business has been there. We bounced back and forth between tools. You know what happened? Our blog never got off the ground because we did not focus on the most important thing—the content.

You will be successful at blogging if you can provide unique content that is published on a schedule or regular basis. This is where all of your energy should be spent when building a blog. That might seem difficult at first, but it's really not. Everyone has a story to tell or point of view. This is all it takes to be unique.

Be yourself when you blog, but make sure to commit to a goal of publishing X posts a week. Whether X is equal to 1 or 7, sticking to a schedule is the best way to overcome the biggest pitfall in blogging - not having enough time. If you schedule your blog posts like any other task at work, you make it a priority and that's what it should be if you are serious about blogging.

In addition, your audience will stick with you because they know what to expect. One of the reasons why I read certain blogs more than others is because I know I can expect a post every morning or on a particular day of the week. Some articles might not be as good as others, but the fact that these blog authors deliver on a schedule when many others cannot is half the battle.

So if you are thinking about starting a blog for yourself, your business, or pet project, spend your time generating the content. Don’t worry about the tool that powers it. Pick one and don’t look back. It won’t make a difference to your readers.

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N. Todd Wickersty is the founder and co-owner of
Business Bullpen, a web application development, design, and marketing firm in Charlottesville, VA. Before starting his own business, Todd spent most of his career helping sales and operations teams get the most out of technology at Accenture, America Online, and Musictoday. His ability to bridge the gap between business and technology has enabled him to successfully grow Business Bullpen into a web solutions firm that clients can trust and rely upon.

Todd founded the Charlottesville, VA Chapter of the Social Media Club in July of 2009 and is currently serving as president. His firm worked with Facebook to help develop one of the first Facebook page applications for Live Nation/Musictoday in November 2007 as part of the official launch of Facebook pages. You can find Todd online at