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Green and Gorgeous

By Philip Pelusi, Internationally recognized stylist and product artist | September 28, 2010

Pelusi talks about the latest in organic hair care ingredients.

Kick off your Birkenstocks and say goodbye to granola!Today going green also means going gorgeous. Green and organic ingredients have become a part of our lives and also in our beauty products.In years past, organic products were associated with individuals that were considered minimalists when it came to makeup, hair styles and fashion. This has completely changed to the point that now even the most high-maintenance "fashionistas" are purchasing organic products that benefit from the enhanced safety of their organically produced ingredients.But not all organic products are the same.

Just because a label reads “organic” or even if it displays the USDA Organic Seal, it doesn’t guarantee the premium performance today’s style conscience green client is looking for. For example, with almost 50% of the population over 50 years old, hair color sales and services are at an all time high. This investment in hair color requires the highest level of protection and conditioning to maintain the color and keep color treated hair in the best condition possible.

Organic shampoos, conditioners and styling products should contain plant-derived proteins whose molecular size has been tailored for optimum penetration for long lasting moisturization and reconditioning of the hair.Additionally, organic moisturizers and herbals with antioxidant and sunscreening abilities contribute maximum benefit for the hair and scalp.Look for organic ingredients like reishi mushroom, milk thistle, Chinese foxglove, ku shen and wolfberry. These multi-faceted organic ingredients are powerful antioxidants, warding off the damaging effects of harsh chemical services and free radicals from UV exposure and pollutants in our environment, protecting color and leaving the hair stronger and more resilient.

The base blend for an organic product is also very important.Look for organic shampoos and conditioners that in place of water contain concentrated infusions of organic white, green and oolong teas. These highly concentrated, antioxidant formulas are much better at protecting the hair and scalp while helping to maintain hair color. Gone are the days when women, and increasingly men, stop coloring her hair at a certain age.We are living longer and we desire to stay current and maintain a youthful, vital and stylish appearance. Protecting hair color service is imperative. There are a variety of targeted hair care products in the marketplace—for example, Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Color Guard Shampoo and Color Guard Conditioner.

When choosing an organic product, look for one created by a hairdresser.The hairdresser is a true professional who knows that the organic product you are choosing meets their demands when it comes to style, creativity and texture control. Going green has never looked so good!

About the Author
Philip Pelusi is an internationally recognized stylist, photographer and product artist. Having gone from one salon to 13 locations as well as a magnificent industry centerpiece in New York City, Pelusi has created a philosophy, a product line, P2 by Philip Pelusi and systems for success.Philip created and trademarked, within the industry, the phrase “A Cut Above The Rest” to coincide with his creation of the registered Volumetric haircutting technique around which he built his empire.

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