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Autumn Color Trends

Loren Ridinger provides expert advice on the latest cosmetic hues for the season.

By Loren Ridinger, Motives by Loren Ridinger

Published October 1, 2010
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Fall is upon us and like the saying goes: “Out with the old, and in with the new!” As in most industries, the cosmetics industry is highly driven by trends. What was in last season will most likely be replaced with something completely different the following season. Where in last fall, makeup was drenched in jewel tones this time around we see a move towards the more subtle hues.

About two years ago, actress Scarlett Johansson, with all her sex appeal, was photographed wearing deep red lips. And just like that, every cosmetics brand began to stock their counters with a selection of tones that resembled Johansson’s old Hollywood look. Red lipstick was, well, red hot! Can you guess what’s in this season? Nude lips, of course. And I’m not talking about lipgloss. Shimmer no longer takes the lead; matte lipsticks are all the rage.

The fall 2010 runway shows—everyone from Gucci to Anna Sui—were inundated with sky-high models puckering up in shades of pink, peach and champagne. In response, you’ll notice all the top brands following suit. We, at Motives, answered the demand with lipstick shades Flesh and Misty Rose. And with lip products leading the pack when it comes to sales, you want to make sure you get a piece of that pie.

Keeping with the natural look, cheeks are also taking a step back. This season, you’ll see makeup artists using blush not as a statement, but as a means to amplify the skin’s natural complexion. Tones like rose, peach, and brown are meant to structure the face. And again, we see shimmer disappear even in bronzers. In fact, Motives recently announced the addition of a matte bronze powder to our line during the Market America International Convention this past August.

With pale lips and barely-there blush, eyes take center stage. We’re seeing dramatic and two-toned eyes, plus lots of current in-style colors morphing into the next season. For example, purple was the color for spring and summer, which translates to eggplant for the colder months. And hot shimmery coppers are now simply brown. The two-toned look is very interesting. Think eggplant on the top lid with a champagne color eyeliner to highlight the bottom. The focus isn’t only on eye shadow, but also eyeliners.

Expect to see the cosmetics industry take a back-to-basics approach this fall that resembles the nation’s overall interest in pure products. After all, we all want that natural beauty.

More info: www.motivescosmetics.com

About the author
Loren Ridinger is senior vice president of Internet retailing giant marketamerica.com, creator of the award-winning cosmetic line, Motives by Loren Ridinger and the luxurious skin care line, Cellular Laboratories.

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