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By Scott-Vincent Borba, Borba | November 25, 2010

Scott-Vincent Borba on the importance of being thankful.

We are all blessed every day with so many things—we just take things for granted. For example, most of us wake up every day healthy, happy, sheltered, fed and have the where-with-all to continue to work to make ends meet. What a blessing, right? We also have faith. However you want to slice it, we have the same God, and without faith in any capacity, we wouldn’t be able to get through our days of challenges which then lends itself to great gratitude.

I’m all about honestly, so here goes. My Borba Inc. business was on fire before the economic collapse. We had to work 100 times harder to keep our base and to grow it. At the same time, my father developed stage 4 pancreatic cancer. My amazing team worked with me as I commuted back and forth from my parents' house taking care of him and my family while running my businesses. That lasted for eight months. My father was initially given six days, but with great grace he received eight months. I will always have the most gratitude for the powers that allowed my father to stay with us that length of time.

Since my father's passing, everything that I had in motion which had been put on hold (because like all companies, we were in conservation mode), including distribution, TV work, my first book, business opportunities, you name it, all have been given the green light! Gratitude is a two-way street, and there is no doubt my father and God are blessing me now.

2011 is going to be the year of Scott-Vincent Borba! You have be to humble, kindly tenacious, extremely hardworking and never take no for an answer—all the business tactics my father taught me. So, to sum this up, I’m most grateful for my father being in my life, the opportunities I can share with the world to help make people look and feel more beautiful and confident, and showcasing charitable works as we all need to give back in our own way (anyway we can).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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