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What Women Want—Connection!

By Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Executive V.P. and Artistic Director, OPI Products Inc. | December 6, 2010

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann explains how to effectively reach today's consumers.

I am always asking myself the question, “What do women want?” Over the years, I’ve learned that while color may be the magnet that attracts a woman, it’s the connection you build with her that glues her to your brand.
Building a lasting connection means addressing women’s expectations on many different levels. Today’s woman plays more roles than ever—wife, mother, working professional, business owner, and more. These roles all impact our ever-evolving purchasing hot buttons. Here are a few of mine:
• Time (or lack thereof),
• Expectations (instant gratification, please),
• Age (quick – turn back the clock!),
• Technology (computers, cell phones, iPads, and Apps … oh my!),
• Hollywood (A-listers are the new cover girls) and
• Social Media (What are others saying about …?).
We are not only in the business of helping women look better, we are in the business of help women manage their lives. My personal goal is to help women find fun, feminine connections with everyday tasks and products—turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
I like to think outside of the box and ask questions like, “What if I could have a manicure that lasted two weeks or more?” Poof! – no more time-consuming retouches with OPI Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer. Or, “Where can I get fast beauty information?” Behold—the OPI iPhone App. And, “Wouldn’t it be fun if computers were prettier?” Voilà—Dell computers in top-selling OPI Nail Lacquer shades!
Thinking outside the box has resulted in some incredible partnerships with brand powerhouses from other industries. Partnerships that have helped OPI connect with women in new ways. In addition to pairing up with Dell computers, we partnered with Hollywood’s biggest box office brands, including Disney (Alice in Wonderland), DreamWorks (Shrek Forever After), and Sony (Burlesque). Then, OPI reached out and touched the stars with celebrity tie-in’s includingpop princess, Katy Perry, and Serena Williams—a tennis star dreaming of being a nail tech (who knew?).
I call this power branding. When you combine your brand with other brand leaders, you reach more consumers than you would if you just marketed within your own category.
Who are the primary household spenders and savers? Women. Who does the most research when it comes to choosing brands? Women. Brands that have traditionally targeted men are realizing how important it is to attract women to their products, and they are seeking out companies like OPI that have women’s attention.
When it comes to making a connection, we can’t leave social media out of the equation. Want to get your message out fast? One in 14 people in the world use Facebook; over 100 million people use Twitter! Word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. Experts once estimated that one person would tell 20 other people about their experience with your product. Today, the average Facebook user has 130 “friends,” and is connected to 80 community pages, groups, and events.
This growing internet phenomenon is here to stay, and has become a primary source of communication and information sharing between people—particularly women. Social media isn’t a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. It has turned ordinary word of mouth into extraordinary communication and connection. At OPI, we are dedicated to reaching our customers through social media. We post, blog, promote new products, tell our story, provide technical tips, hold contests, and get to know our customers in ways never before possible.
From computers to cars to cosmetics, we women know our brands, and we want to connect with them in new ways. How are you connecting?
About the Author
Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is the executive vice president & artistic director of OPI Products Inc., the world leader in professional nail care. Suzi is known as the First Lady of Nails, because she single-handedly creates every OPI Nail Lacquer shade based on each season’s fashion and beauty forecast.Suzi knows the trends because she sets the trends. Her passion for fashion and instinct for color are part of what make her style sense so special – and the reason women around the world love OPI!Visit her beauty blog at for tips on fashion, beauty, wellness, and more!
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