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Consumer Hair Trends for 2011

By Charu Suri, BeautyStat | January 13, 2011

Charu Suri of BeautyStat on what's popular with its legions of fans.

BeautyStat is the leading online interactive community, as well as the social media marketing expert for the beauty industry. BeautyStat’s dynamic consumer fan base is very much into their hair products, and they don’t hesitate to tell which products and solutions worked for them, and which didn’t.BeautyStat is the No. 1 beauty community on Facebook with over 30,000 passionate and influential fans.
Here are some of the hair trends prevalent in the community:
Brazilian Blowout Controversy: This post received the highest page views ever on’s site, and several members have stated that they would indeed go for alternative procedures to the blowout and shy away from potentially carcinogenic formulae. This demonstrates that consumers are reading the news, appreciating the benefits of safety and are concerned for both their body and hair health. As one member says, “Many do not realize that formaldehyde may be contained in these products. We need to do our research and talk to our stylists.”
Commitment to Being Frizz Free: A flat iron is a must-have tool, say many of the community members (comments like, “I would love to have this -- my hair is so hard to keep straight” are the norm when it comes to the topic of flat irons). This also reflects the opinion of many community members that frizz is something they don’t really want to have. Consumers have also demonstrated great passion for products that will eliminate frizz, especially ones that really do what they promise like Avon’s Lotus Shield and the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Blow Dry Perfector. They are as vocal about products that don’t deliver on their promises.
Consumers Still Visit Salons for Treatments: The recession may have hit us all hard, but many of the BeautyStat members still say they are visiting salons for treatments. One member says, “I love salon coloring…there is nothing like it.” However, many consumers do say that they only go to salons that carry very specific products, like Redken, which demonstrates particularity and partiality.
Word of Mouth and Hair Style Tips Carry Weight: Members are very vocal about promising tips they have received from their stylists and friends, whether it is a certain type of cut and style, or the recommendation of a hair color or highlights. Many of them take what their hair stylist says quite seriously.
Ombre/ Celebrity Hair Color Trends: Consumers feel it’s a “maybe” for them, and they’re smart enough to acknowledge that, “it would have to be done SO skillfully and keep volume in your hair for it to look right.” This shows that even though celebrities are strutting the red carpet with heavily stylized looks, consumers are smart enough to know that they may always not fit their crowning glory.
Hair Accessories: There’s no question! Fans love them. Every hair accessory post with comments in the giveaway section has been met by nothing short of enthusiasm, showing that the “Gossip Girl” influence is still very much alive among consumers.
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