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Target Gen Y for New Hair Growth Profits

By Mike Vidal, Divi International | February 18, 2011

Early treatments ensure productive results for hair growth if the consumer gets your message.

It may seem like a given that the demographic of men aged 30 or over constitute the majority of hair loss consumers. Yet, it is actually the demographic of men under age 30, Generation Y, that is the most promising consumer for services and products directed toward hair loss. That is – if they realize they are losing their hair! By the time hair loss is visible to the naked eye, over 50% of the hair on the affected area is already gone. For medical treatment options such as Rogaine or Propecia, the best results come from early intervention.Many other treatment options, such as laser or L.E.D. light hair regeneration and topical haircare products for thinning, also provide the best results when started in the beginning stages of balding.

Getting the message out to your demographic is key, communicated in the language of science. Almost all of medicine is based on a system of normal and abnormal numerical values and most every medical parameter, such as blood pressure, cholesterol and heart rate can be assigned a numeric value. Until recently, hair loss was measured by simply taking photographs of the head, which was an inaccurate and subjective way to measure hair mass. If you cannot measure hair loss, you cannot manage it. Consumers undergoing treatments or using professional products for hair loss cannot calculate their progress without accurate and meaningful data measuring their hair mass index.

We provide the data with our patented HairCheck device, the first such technology on the market today. But it is vital to first successfully reach and connect with the targeted Gen Y market. The key is to first educate them on the basics of hair loss, how it works, the misconceptions that abound in today’s instant communication age and whether they are going to benefit from early treatment for hair loss. Many people still believe that hair loss comes from the mother’s side of the family for instance, while the facts are that the gene for hair loss can come from either side of the family tree or go back generations. Another misconception is that balding hair actually falls out, when the balding process really involves the diameter of the hair shaft becoming smaller with each four-year hair growth cycle and eventually disappearing entirely.

By educating consumers in their twenties or even teens on the benefits of early treatment, baldness may potentially be delayed or prevented for years.Consumers have questions about their hair loss, why it happens and what they can do about it and are far more likely to ask their hairstylist about balding than even their doctor. If you make a product that targets hair loss, hair thinning or hair breakage, then the hairstylist or other hair loss professional is key to communicating this message to the consumer. Being able to then show the consumer that they actually do have significant hair loss or breakage is the next step.

By offering the consumer a hair “score” of a numerical value like blood pressure and cholesterol have, the client will be able to then find out if that number is moving up or down. By providing meaningful data to consumers, you can allow them to measure and manage their hair loss. The HairCheck technology is revolutionary in that it measures both the density and the diameter of hair simultaneously, providing the Hair Mass Index. There is no other technology that can measure hair mass. The process is simple, taking only five minutes and does not require any hair to be cut. The results are more scientifically meaningful than any photograph, hair density count, or diameter measurement.

HairCheck enables hair care professionals or physicians to recommend home care products or hair restoration services based on scientific, credible evidence. On return visits, the success of the treatments will be determined with recommendations adjusted, based upon actual measurements.By targeting the demographic of hair loss consumers to Generation Y, you ensure they act early to get the best hair growth results. Focus your message on early prevention and treatment, then educate consumers on what hair loss really is and how it works. Finally, provide them with tangible evidence of their hair loss with a scientific method that meaningfully relays a numeric value that can measured and then managed.

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Mike Vidal is president of Divi International, based in Miami, FL. For more information on HairCheck or the full line of Divi International products including the Depiléve Hair Removal System, call 800-233-7453, write or visit

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