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Pump Up the Volume

By Stephen Durham, Urban Therapy Founder | February 21, 2011

Innovative hair care ingredients shine for 2011.

A new year calls for a new strategy, and as most hair care companies are well aware, constant innovation and product improvement is key for retaining customers and attracting new users. In addition to adding new SKUs to continually build the line, it’s just as important to re-visit formulations in current products to keep them fresh and as effective as possible.

This spring, Urban Therapy is adding a few new breakthrough ingredients to our popular drugstore product line to help our customers get the best results as they cleanse, condition, create and finish.

Voluminis (Croda)
Nicknamed "pump up the volume" for its thickening benefits, this unique copolymer of hydrolyzed wheat protein and a cationic monomer delivers exceptional hair volume in rinse-out and leave-in conditioner formulations. Without leaving any residue or build up, Voluminis leaves hair looking shiny and healthy while reducing frizz.

Keratrix (Provital)
With the ability to be used in conditioners, treatment packs and styling products, this ingredient increases hair resistance and elasticity by strengthening and improving weak and dry hair while simultaneously reducing frizz and providing anti-humidity support. Keratrix protects against thermal styling by improving hair’s barrier function and repairs damaged hair caused by chemical processes.

Seveov (Naturex)
Made from Maca extract, this hair growth agent stimulates follicles by promoting keratinocyte mitosis while protecting the inside of the hair, making it healthy and buoyant, and protecting from hair loss. Factors such as smoking, pollution, and stress can weaken and speed up hair loss, and Seveov fights these environmental and lifestyle factors.

Fixate Freestyle Polymer (Lubrizol)
While giving high clarity and a smooth gel appearance, this ingredient provides and delivers hold and exceptional humidity resistance. There is zero flaking and it works well with other styling products. The fixate freestyle polymer can be used in either liquid or gel form so it can be modified to tubes, gels and sprays.

In any season and in any year, quality ingredients should be a top priority for any hair care line and effectiveness must be delivered to our customers. As research continues, Urban Therapy, along with many other hair care brands, will continue to improve existing products and develop comprehensive hair care.

About the Author
Stephen Durham is founder of London-based Urban Therapy Twisted Sista hair care sold nationwide at Walgreens. The multi-texture range of hair care products is formulated to guard against the stress and strains of modern city living, and all of the Twisted Sista products have been formulated with UV filters, plant proteins, antioxidants and shine enhancers to improve hair condition and manageability.

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