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Team with Hair Replacement Specialists to Market Your Brand

By Penny Williams, Hair Razors Salon | March 11, 2011

Salon customers with thinning hair provide new opportunities.

For hair replacement specialists, the biggest challenge is creating a clientele. When I entered the professional beauty industry 22 years ago, I thought, “I have the knowledge. Now what do I do with it?”Hair replacement is often a difficult service to market, because most clients don’t want others finding out they suffer from hair loss. As hairstylists, we get a majority of our clients through referrals. So, without referrals, hair replacement specialists must facilitate other creative marketing techniques to build and maintain a clientele. As manufacturers of hair replacement products, you can provide specialists with the tools we need to promote your products to our clients.

Educate Your Specialists

As an educator for a professional hair extension company, I am constantly pushing myself to learn the latest hair replacement techniques so I can prepare other hairstylists to market themselves as specialists during client consultations. It’s important that the educators for your company do this too.Solid education programs run by experienced teachers are the basis for creating prepared, confident extensionists who will bring clients to your brand. To supplement these certification sessions, manufacturers should also provide extensionists with marketing materials, factual literature and website information to help them market your products directly to their clients.

Guide Your Specialists

Manufacturers should provide industry advice for new specialists to help them build the ideal clientele for your products and services. Create a guide including tips such as these:

·Get potential hair extension clients talking by leaving wigs, hairpieces, literature and before and after photography albums in your salon reception area.

·During regular consultations, start the hair extension conversation with the question, “Are you happy with your hair?”

·Wear extensions, wigs and hairpieces yourself, so you can talk to your clients about the service from their point of view.

·If a regular client asks for a specific hairstyle but her hair type is too delicate to support it, offer extensions to give her the added volume she needs for the look she wants.

·Price your services by flat rates, so your clients will select you over other specialists.If a client is on the fence about getting extensions, place a few free trial bonds in her hair or offer clip-in extensions.

·Be flexible with your client’s budget.If she cannot afford a full head of extensions, let her know she can get some now while adding more later.

·If a regular client wants highlights, yet is scared to bleach her healthy hair; offer her a few extensions that are the same hair color as the highlights she wants. She will see what it will look like without the damage.

·Before services, ask your clients to pose for before and after makeover photographs. Clients who are secretive about the services may decline, but photos of the few who agree will be valuable to your marketing campaigns.

·Gain referrals by leaving literature with plastic surgeons, nail technicians and laser specialists. Their clients are already interested in their image and looking to make transformations.

·Create a Refer-A-Friend Program. Offer your regular clients special discounts on future services when they invite friends and family to become your new clients.

·Seek out high-profile clients. You will gain uncontested notoriety when TV news anchors, politicians, school principals or musicians get extensions at your salon.

·Hire a professional marketing and PR company to create promotions that generate interest in hair replacement services.

·Create a “Why Hair Extensions?” section with before and after photographs and videos on your website.

Fundraise with Your Specialists

Charitable fundraising is the best way to market hair replacement services and products. Tie your brand to good causes to receive much more media attention than any single advertisement ever could. As a manufacturer, encourage your specialists to fundraise in their community, so they can generate new clients by educating the public about extensions.
During Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Heart Disease Awareness Month, we partner with research foundations and hair extension manufacturers to facilitate charitable fundraisers at our Hair Razors Salon.When a client donates $10 to breast cancer research or the American Heart Association, we apply a fun and fashionable pink or red hair extension graft. We also take these fundraisers out of the salon to our community festivals and apply extensions on site. We do similar fundraisers with high schools, colleges and sports teams in our community with extensions that are their team or school colors. We donate a portion of the proceeds back to them. Hair extension manufacturers can successfully market their products by providing free extensions and products for these fundraisers. When your extensionists start getting out in their community and giving back, then both the manufacturer and the salon have reached an entirely new level of marketing and media relations that you cannot easily put a price tag on!

About the Author
Penny Williams is a nationally respected hair replacement expert and owner of Hair Razors Salon near Albany, New York. For more information, contact Williams at the Hair Razors Salon, 1728 Union Street Niskayuna, NY 12308, call 518-374-7350 or visit

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