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BeautyStat’s Community Takes Zits Seriously!

By Charu Suri, BeautyStat | March 24, 2011

Charu Suri of BeautyStat on how consumers are addressing those pesky breakouts.

BeautyStat is the leading online interactive community as well as a social media marketing expert for the beauty industry. Since the community engages with their fans on a frequent basis, they are tuned into their cosmetic purchasing habits and questions, and have the ability to really feel the pulse of consumer preferences. BeautyStat is the No. 1 beauty community on Facebook with over 31,000 passionate and influential fans.

Although it’s tempting to try putting “some Windex” on zits, to emulate the technique of a beloved movie, BeautyStat community members pretty much tackle zits by any other effective means they can. Over 42% of community members take acne breakouts seriously, and say that the presence of zits makes them feel less confident socially. A member, Holly Ann Mesa, says, “I would cry if I saw a zit, but then I would clean my face very well and carry on or maybe wear my hair so it would be covered a little bit.”

So, what do community members really do to tackle a zit?

Cover it Up: 29% of the community opt for a quick cover up so they can carry on with their lives. Cara Sims says, “Try to cover it and then do not get too close when I talk to someone.” Given the flood of tinted moisturizers that have an acne component in them, this option is not surprisingly the first choice.

Drying Agent/Home Remedies: A surprising 17% of community members resort to home remedies for acne, and those treatments include toothpaste. But others resort to anything that has a drying component, including Mario Badescu’s Pimple Drying Lotion.

Avoid Popping: Many of BeautyStat’s community members say that the best thing to do is to avoid popping the zit. Wise words! Some do say that even though they’re averse to the popping routine completely, it unnerves them that the zit still remains for a while. One member says, “Sometimes popping it is the solution. I've tried the no-pop route and it will be there for a week…not a good look.

Sticking with Products that Work: Members are passionate about clear skin, so they stick with products that work. Some brands and products popular among the community include Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick, Proactiv, Clearasil 4 Hour Vanishing Rapid Action Treatment Cream, Neutrogena Fight and Fade Gel and Philosophy’s On a Clear Day.

Scarring Concerns: Some members have expressed deep concerns about acne scarring. One reader says, “I have struggled with acne and scarring, and have tried many drugstore products and homemade methods, and nothing really seems to work for longer than a few weeks.”

Adult Acne: Many community members over the age of 40 struggle with adult onset acne, and they are far from pleased. Brenda, a member says, “I’m 40 and still suffer from breakouts. My problem is I get patchy dry skin during the winter months. I need something that will dry out my pimples but isn’t harsh on my winter skin.” Many also complain that while they have not had a breakout during their 20s, all of a sudden their skin has erupted in their 40s. Another aspect of adult acne seems to be highly sensitive skins.

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