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Going Beyond the Tan

By Sinead Norenius, Founder of Beautisol | March 28, 2011

Recent sunless tanning improvements and developments.

The quest for the perfect sunless tanning product never fades.Users continue to demand improvement on resulting color, ease of application and the malodors (bad smell) produced while the tan is developing on the skin.Additionally, consumers want more skin care benefits that go beyond just skin color enhancement.Customers are demanding multifunctional sunless tanning products and their needs are being met as new innovative products are emerging in the market place.

We have come a long way since the days of orange looking skin, which is greatly due to new breakthroughs in the formulation, specifically with DHA – Dihydroxyacetone, the active ingredient in self-tanners.With that in mind I’ve created Beautisol, a sunless tanning and sun care brand that utilizes one of the most advanced DHA’s available on the market today.Beautisolutilizes one of the first patented DHA’s thatprovides two benefits – a fast acting formula that produces the most natural color and an antioxidant benefit that protects against ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) damage.A sophisticated polymer and other molecules are combined with the DHA to help protect the skin’s DNA during any type of oxidative stress either due to the environment, or UV radiation.This is a major improvement in the functionality of self-tanners thus elevating self-tanning products to have protective skin health benefits.

Another recent breakthrough in the sunless tanning industry has been the reduction of the unpleasant malodors produced during the tanning process, usually 2 to 5 hours after application.Fragrance chemists and scientists have recently been able to pinpoint the molecular structures that help encapsulate and neutralize the unpleasant odors of self-tanning by up to 70-80%.An easier way to think about this technology is that it acts like “Febreze” for your skin.The same type of technology that helps reduce odors in the air is the same type of technology being used to reduce the malodors produced during the development of the tan.Beautisol is one of the first companies to incorporate this cutting- edge fragrance technology successfully.

Application is also getting easier!Due to the boom of online sharing platforms self-tan users are now able to watch informative videos and tutorials in the comfort of their home.I personally created how-to videos on the Beautisol website to show the ease of application and share my tips as an esthetician.This has greatly reduced the fear factor of at home application mishaps.User application guides are also becoming savvier; making application issues a thing of the past.One just needs a little bit of practice, just make sure you have an application guide close by while learning.

Another trend within the market is it to create more skin-type specific self-tanners with benefits to tackle the various skin concerns.Beautisol will launch the first ever face self-tanners that are skin type specific, leading the way in new product innovation. There are many different skin types, conditions and colors to take into consideration to get the desired results and Beautisol is looking to lead the way with the latest technology and improvements to meet the needs of consumers. Consumers have access to a wealth of information on the internet and are becoming more aware about what ingredients will benefit their skin concerns and are always seeking products that are personalized for them and their needs.Utilizing the new developments available in the sun care category, consumers will be able to have products that are multifunctional and have the ability to meet their desired results.

About the author
Sinead Norenius is a 16-year beauty industry veteran and licensed esthetician who founded and formulated Beautisol, a sun care brand. In addition to creating Beautisol, she is also the editor-in-chief of

Norenius combined her expertise in social media and the beauty industry to found the International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Organization (iFabbo). She can also be found on twitter @selftanqueen.

Norenius is a member of the National Coalition of Estheticians, Manufacturers, Distributors and Associations (NCEO) and has worked with beauty lines including St. Tropez Tan, True Cosmetics and Yon Ka Paris.

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