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By Scott-Vincent Borba, Borba Inc. | April 7, 2011

Scott-Vincent Borba says that you reap what you sow.

Hard work. You will reap the benefits of what you put into anything, whether it’s your business or personal relationships.

Personally, I am a workaholic. I have this innate desire to achieve one goal and then create another right when I know I’m close to accomplishing the first goal. Crazy, I know, but that’s what keeps me going. I believe that hard work and kind tenacity will equal success.

My father always told me to never allow grass to grow under my feet, and I promised him that it wouldn’t. He was a great man in everyway and I miss him dearly.

You can’t procrastinate. If you have 20 things on your plate right now, or even 10 things you want to do or go after, what is stopping you from doing it?

To this day, I have a 10 page cold-call list. Do you think that I want to get on the phones and call to obtain new business? Do you think I want to have to convince retailers why they need to take my new product or book and why they are so revolutionary? Hell NO! I hate it, but I have to do it, because for every call I make and no I get, the more confident my attitude and I take all my feedback and craft my new approach to communicate my ideas or sales pitch. It’s true labor, good old hard work.

I know that most people will procrastinate and I use that to my advantage. So a little more labor will eventually turn into success. It’s simple geometry.

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