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Plug Those Integrity Leaks!

By Jim Harris, To a Higher Level | April 14, 2011

Tax time is the perfect time to review how you live your life, says Jim Harris.

It’s income tax time, one of the most dreaded times of the year!Receipts, deductions, W-9s, paperwork, and impossibly complex forms to complete—what a waste of our energy, time, and resources.

It’s a time that not only tests our patience, but more importantly, our integrity.(“Render unto Caesar”...yeah, it hurts to think about our taxes in this way, doesn’t it.) Integrity simply means we walk our talk.It’s doing what we say we’ll do.It’s doing what we know is the right thing to do even if it hurts…like with our taxes.

Ever been around a boss or colleague who said one thing and did another?Integrity leak!

Ever had your daughter or son tell you they would be home at a certain time and they weren’t?Integrity leak!

Ever told a customer you would have the service/product delivered or fixed, but missed your own deadline?Integrity leak!(Me too - told you it hurts.)

Tax season is just one of many situations we face that we must ask ourselves—am I leaking integrity?

Here is a quick list to help remind us of how to live with integrity.Integrity is the consistency between:
- our beliefs and our behaviors.
- our words and our ways.
- our attitudes and our actions.
- our values and our practices.

As professionals, we must continually ask ourselves if we are leaking our integrity or leading with integrity? The difference between leaking and leading is only one little letter—but that letter is so monumentally important! We all need occasional integrity checks.If you are leaking a little, it’s time to plug your integrity dike.Print out this list as your personal accountability reminder.

If I have missed anything or if you have additional integrity items to add to this list, please email me at and I’ll share your insights on integrity in future articles and posts.

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