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The First Element of a Great Purpose: Transformation

Dr. Jim Harris on taking the steps toward positive change.

By Dr. Jim Harris, To a Higher Level

Published April 29, 2011
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The first element of a great organizational purpose is transformation. By definition, transformation suggests to change the condition, nature, or function of something, to modify the very form or appearance toward a new and better end. For example, “To honor God” or “Leave no one behind” both include a sense of taking the current situation (however good or bad) and making it better, of changing relevant conditions for a better tomorrow.

Organizational transformation occurs as leaders set in motion the resources, talent, and energy necessary to move their company toward an intentional greater place – a new level of competitive advantage, service delivery, products, or process.

Transformational leaders that achieve great results systematically and intentionally instigate change, driving those changes necessary to aggressively move the organization toward its ultimate purpose. They are not satisfied with merely managing change, but rather transforming their current circumstances into a more significant tomorrow.

Ask yourself:
  1. What conditions would I most like to change with my current and future customers?
  2. Where exactly could we make the most difference in our community, our region, or even the world?
  3. What significant changes would I be willing to embrace within our company that would better position us for a future of great results?

Does your company’s purpose give you a sense of transformation? If so, how?

About the Author
Dr. Jim Harris teaches thousands of professionals every year how to crystalize their goals, leverage their strengths, energize their teams, and realize their significance as a professional and as a leader. From keynotes and workshops to 1-on-1 coaching and digital learning products, Dr. Jim helps transform your potential into productivity, and your passion into results. An author of eight books, Dr. Jim offers you, your team, and your audience a unique combination of perspective, insight, passion, and integrity.

More info: www.toahigherlevel.com in partnership with the Ropella Group, www.ropella.com

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