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What's An Essential Product for Summer?

By Loren Ridinger, Creator of Motives by Loren Ridinger, Cellular Laboratories and Fixx | May 3, 2011

Loren Ridinger provides expert advice on bronzers to complete this season's looks.

Goodbye snow showers, hello sunshine! Spring is officially here and before you know it, afternoons at the pool and beach vacations are going to start filling up your day calendar. While a little R&R is good for the soul, too much sun isn’t good for the skin; fake it ‘til you make it is my motto when getting that coveted golden glow!

For an all-over solution, I am a huge fan of the Body Bling collection by my dear friend Scott Barnes. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian use it regularly—and for good reason! Body Bling is a shimmering body lotion that can be layered on for a sheer glow or some serious color, depending on your preference. It’s applied like regular moisturizer and will simply wash off in the shower: no weird smell, no zebra streaks and no commitment.

When searching for the perfect powder bronzer, consumers pay attention to ingredient lists. Does it have titanium dioxide or iron oxide, which gives the best pigment? Or what about all-natural ingredients like honeysuckle? I made sure to include honeysuckle extract in my own Motives Cosmetics Pressed Bronzer because it is an antioxidant and reduces inflammation. It’s also important to check for dimethicone because that’s what provides the silky feel and smooth application.

The right powder bronzer will leave you looking radiant and can help define the face, neck and décolletage. While testing the product, note that the substance blends evenly, looks natural and gives a healthy dose of color, not an orange stain.

Not only is baking on the beach time consuming, risking skin cancer and sun damage for a tan is not worth it. Burning, and the inevitable peeling that comes afterwards, isn’t cute. Why deliberately put your body in harm’s way when you can get the same results in the privacy of your own home?Bronzer in the form of lotion or powder is cost-effective, convenient and works even better than the sun (who wants to deal with tan lines?) at achieving that flawless glow we all search for come springtime!

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Loren Ridinger is senior vice president of internet retailers and, creator of the award-winning cosmetics line Motives by Loren Ridinger, the luxurious skin care line Cellular Laboratories, the solution-oriented product line, Fixx and founder of the jewelry collection Loren Jewels.

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