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Salons Go Green with Hair Straightening Services

By Catherine Acena, Paul Brown Salons and Paul Brown Hawaii | May 13, 2011

Not all hair retexturizing and smoothing treatments are created equal, says Catherine Acena of Paul Brown Salons.

When it comes to selecting a hair retexturizer, anti-frizz or hair straightening treatment as well as any chemical hair treatment manufacturer, salon owners are now seriously taking into consideration the personal health of both their hairstylists and clients. With dozen of news reports coming out concerning the dangers of popular professional hair-straightening products, manufacturers should first promise their products are following government safety regulations when it comes to its key ingredient, formaldehyde. Not doing so could potentially harm the sustainability of your business and theirs.
Formaldehyde Concerns

Formaldehyde is one of the ingredients that make these hair retexturizing products work so effectively. It has been classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a probable carcinogen. Exposure to carcinogens in high doses over long periods of time has been found to cause cancer and other health ailments. Although the use of formaldehyde in various beauty products is legal, the recommended safety limit is 0.2%. The 6.8% to 11.8% that has been reportedly found in the Brazilian Blowout as well as other professional salon brands, far exceed the safe limit. Despite being marketed as formaldehyde-free product, the Brazilian Blowout as well as others continues to distribute and market their products in that manner. As manufacturers, we must make sure that all precautionary measures are taken to ensure that such products are within the safety parameters of our health departments. Continuing to distribute a potentially harmful product can be devastating to the credibility of any company and the loyalty of the clientele from your affiliated distributors and their respective salons.
Going Green

In light of these recent events, many manufacturers have started to develop more natural hair retexturizing and smoothing formulations to offer salon owners. For example, Paul Brown Hawaii has introduced Hapuna Keratin Rextexturizer System. This system is an all natural, all organic extract formulation that provides a professional treatment without harming hairstylists or their clients. Entirely free of formaldehyde and aldehyde, our retexturizer treatment formulations have been carefully scrutinized and tested to ensure they are effective, high performing solution-based treatments that are safe for the environment. Our use of natural ingredients such as our proprietary Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex and their combination with keratin, kukui nut lipids, sea salts, sea algae, plankton and a variety of other rich sea and plant derivatives makes this Retexturizer System a unique and innovative product.
As more and more formaldehyde-based and formaldehyde-free chemical hair treatment formulas are being closely scrutinized, more professional beauty care manufacturers are now taking measures to guarantee they are providing a reliable product that meets government safety regulations. We will all need to continually look into more environmentally friendly formulations that use natural ingredients and methods. Communication with salon owners and salon professionals will also become vital as it shows we are looking out for their best interests, thus retaining brand loyalty for years to come.

About the Author
Catherine Acena is the global artistic director for Paul Brown Hawaii. Working in the Paul Brown Salon & Day Spa Honolulu, Hawaii, Acena travels globally as a top educator and platform artist to educate the Paul Brown Hawaii distributors, educational directors and salon affiliates. The primary focus of Paul Brown Hawaii remains to always provide hair care solutions for all types of hair and all cultures. Paul Brown Hawaii products and services are offered worldwide in professional salons and spas and supported with continuing education and research to meet the demands of the culturally diverse professional beauty industry. For more information on Paul Brown Hawaii, call 800-338-0033 or visit

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