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Fragrance Trends and Buying Habits

By Charu Suri, BeautyStat | May 21, 2011

BeautyStat members provide key insights on scents.

BeautyStat is the leading online interactive community as well as a social media marketing expert for the beauty industry. Since the community engages with their fans on a frequent basis, they are tuned into their cosmetic purchasing habits and questions, and have the ability to really feel the pulse of consumer preferences. BeautyStat is the No. 1 beauty community on Facebook with over 32,000 passionate and influential fans.

Whether it’s seasonal pick, a tried and true favorite, a comforting scent or a special indulgence, fragrances are subjective purchases. Some of the beauty community members keep coming back to a tried and true favorite; yet others love the idea of experimenting with scents. Here’s what we see in the community regarding fragrance trends and purchase habits:

Light and Airy Fragrances: Many community members love anything that is light and not too overpowering, especially for summer. Nicole says, “I can’t stand it when people overdose on perfume or cologne… and (when) it’s boiling hot out!” Community members also love body sprays that smell slightly fruity.

Ingredients Matter:Many consumers say the ingredients in a fragrance are what motivates them to splurge for a new one. Susan C. says, “I’m always searching for a new fragrance, and the ingredients are what set them apart from each other.”

Seasonality Dictates Change: Several consumers like to change up their fragrances as the seasons themselves change. Karen Ross says, “I like new fragrances for the season. Light and airy for Spring, Clean and Fresh for the Summer, fall and winter I prefer heavier scents.”

Word of Mouth Recommendations: Some consumers rely heavily on word of mouth recommendations from friends and family to make their purchase decisions, and new fragrances definitely excite. Tamara says, “I love trying new fragrances. Good scents have a way of making me feel, more confident and sexy.” Another community member, Josie G. says about word of mouth recommendations, “I usually smell a fragrance on someone else, ask what it is, and then head into the stores to check it out. While I might not always buy it, it puts the name on my mind.”

Long Lasting: Last but not least, consumers really want a long-lasting fragrance. Kourtney says, “I like unique fragrances that last awhile.” This speaks also to the point about the ingredients above, and the formulations.

While the fragrance market is most definitely subjective, there’s no question that the packaging and attractiveness of the bottle also plays a key role in winning and wooing consumers. A fragrance is a journey for the olfactory senses but eye candy in every way.
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