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Making It to the Top

By Damien Carney, International artistic director, Joico | May 24, 2011

Damien Carney of Joico offers success tips for beauty professionals.

He’s recognized as one of the top educators in the beauty business.
He’s an internationally in-demand session artist.
His photo collections garner praise and admiration worldwide.

With wit, talent and charm, Joico International Artistic Director Damien Carney has crafted a career that any beauty professional would covet. How did he reach the top of his game? Carney shares his beauty business success tips with

Establish Strong Foundations
It starts with the basics—solid technical skills and a strong understanding of the business side of beauty. And that’s not all. It’s important to have solid foundations in all areas of your life—physically, emotionally and spiritually. Once those are rock-solid, they will support you in any direction you choose to go!

Commit To Continuing Education
Information and inspiration are all around you and every experience can enrich you. Look around; remain constantly aware of the world. Magazines, television, films, websites, even parties and professional events can yield valuable insights and ideas. Stay switched on. You never know what you might pick up from a random photo, the style of a passerby or even a casual chat at the bar!

Your Work Reflects Your Career
If you do boring work, your clients will be boring. Your business will lack luster. You attract what you project. If you project energy and a great attitude, and you cultivate great technical skills, you’ll always have lots of interesting clients and a solid business.

Discover What You Love Best...
And Be The Best at What You Love

If you’re just starting out, try everything. Pay attention to where your passion takes you, whether it’s cutting or coloring or styling. When you understand what you love the most, focus on it tirelessly. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes—if something turns out a bit shorter or longer or redder than you intended, figure out why, learn from it and move forward.Anything can be changed. Remember, not everyone can be good at everything so select one thing and do your best.

Customize Your Work
It doesn’t matter how flawless or exquisite a haircut is if it’s not on the right person. It’s important to understand the esthetics of your work so that the hair suits the client’s facial features and shape, bone structure, complexion, body type and personal style. Regardless of whether the style is classic, natural, romantic or avant garde, it must, first and foremost, be pretty and flattering!

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About the Author
Demonstrating strong talent early in his career, Carney served as artistic director and principle trainer for one of London’s top hairstyling academies. He was tapped by creative powerhouse, Trevor Sorbie, to join his legendary Covent Garden Salon. Since 1999, Carney has wielded his scissors and unique artistic vision for Shiseido Laboratories as the “International Artistic Director” for the beauty giant’s prestigious Joico hair care brand. In 2006, Carney channeled his passion for education into establishing Damien Carney London, a modern, mobile hairstyling academy with satellite offices in London, New York and Los Angeles.

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