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A Good Hair Day

By Philip Pelusi, Internationally recognized stylist and product artist | May 31, 2011

Philip Pelusi talks about taming wild, parched tresses.

Anytime is the perfect time for smoother, shinier, better conditioned hair, but especially spring! Spring weather brings moister air which can cause frizz and fuzz and ruin any sunny good-hair-day! So smooth your way into spring with effective treatment products made from organic ingredients.

One example is The Tela Beauty Organics Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blow Out (contains 85% Certified Organic) by Philip Pelusi, that features no formaldehyde derivatives, no harsh chemicals, no irritating fumes or odors. It is non toxic and is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and uses an allergen-free fragrance so it is a gentle-to-the-skin formula.

This luxurious formula penetrates deeply into the cuticle and hair’s inner structure, cementing the cuticle into a smoother state when flat ironed,while simultaneously strengthening and moisturizing the hair fabric into a healthier state.It contains 85% Certified Organic herbs and other treatment ingredients that are delivered in a hair rejuvenating micro-emulsion.Unlike perms, relaxers and Brazilian treatments, the Tela Beauty Organics Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blow Out doesn’t straighten the hair by altering the hair’s chemistry, but instead actually is a frizz eliminating hair strengthener that leaves the hair stronger rather than weakening its internal structure.It is a hair smoother and rejuvenating treatment in one.This easy-to-use semi-permanent treatment eliminates frizz and leaves the hair smoother and shinier for approximately four to six weeks.

So, what makes this treatment work? Its unique Tela 2 Phyto-Keratin Micro-emulsion delivers natural moisture-based plant derived amino acids and natural fruit acids,penetrating rapidly and re-bonding hair's keratin deep within the hair for long lasting strengthening, moisturizing and smoothing benefits with improved shine and bounce.

My patent-pending Hydro-Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex infuses potent strengthening and moisture-binding, plant-derived ceramides that provide necessary hydration to dramatically restore hair to a healthier state, leaving itfeeling renewed, stronger, silky, with incredible shine and luster.

Thed 85% Certified Organic ingredients include a proprietary Organic Regenerating Blend of revolutionary strengtheners and powerful antioxidants. Organic horsetail, organic reishi mushroom and organic sprouted soy help improve keratinization, helping maintain strong hair fibers and help protect against damage and color fadeage.Organic aloe and lavender help soothe scalp and hair while binding protective weightless moisture.Additional organic treatment ingredients include the hair strengtheners, smoothers and hydrators like bilberry, sugar cane and sugar maple.Organic cuticle sealers and shine enhancers orange and lemon round out the mix.The Tela Beauty Organics Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blow Out also contains a highly-modified, hydrophilic silicone-based micro-emulsion that adds smoothness and shine.

Optimal results also depend on the consistency of use of the prescribed Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi at-home product regime which cuts styling smoothing time during styling in half.Tela by Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Reduce Sensational Styling Smoother will help maintain that smooth-hair-state in between touch up.This feather-light formula contains a blend of wheat and vegetable micro-emulsions that weightlessly penetrate making thermal styling easier while cutting down on drying time.Organic fig, plum and red algae provide exceptional thermal protection that results in smoother and visibly healthier looking hair that resists reversion or frizzing in humidity.Its organic horsetail and wolfberry help strengthen and protect while the powerful antioxidants in Chinese giant knotweed and reishi mushroom help protect hair color from fading.

Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi Guardian,a weightless groom contains Guar, an anti-frizz ingredient, that also helps support your smoothing treatment and protects the hair.Apply to wet hair before styling to help detangle and weightlessly smooth any hair texture keep frizz from forming during the day.It also contains sunscreens rated at SPF 18 to protect the hair and the scalp as we move into sunnier weather.

But as important is to choose the right type of shampoo and conditioner to protect your smoothing service.Inferior shampoo and conditioners can literally wash your color, other chemical services and smoothing treatments out of the hair.

About the Author
Philip Pelusi is an internationally recognized stylist, photographer and product artist. Having gone from one salon to 13 locations as well as a magnificent industry centerpiece in New York City, Pelusi has created a philosophy, a product line, P2 by Philip Pelusi and systems for success.Philip created and trademarked, within the industry, the phrase “A Cut Above The Rest” to coincide with his creation of the registered Volumetric haircutting technique around which he built his empire.

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