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Is Your GPS Turned On?

By Dr. Jim Harris, To a Higher Level | June 10, 2011

Dr. Jim Harris points you in the right direction.

Several years ago I landed in the Montpelier, VT airport and went to the Hertz counter to pick up my rental car. My upcoming 75-mile drive would take me through unfamiliar and curvy two lane rods, winding through the upper mountains and countryside toward the Canadian border. When I sat in the drivers seat, I was surprised to see a GPS system staring up at me. I quickly checked my rental agreement—I did not request it and did not want to pay extra. No extra charge, it was included in my fee, whew!

At that time, a rental car with a GPS system was rather novel, and since I had never used one before and was driving in unfamiliar territory, I thought I’d try it out. Boy, was I glad I did.
After entering the destination, this magnificent, wonderful, and helpful device skillfully navigated me through curvy two lane country roads, highway forks too numerous to count, and through over a dozen of the beautiful hamlets and villages of northeast Vermont.
Without this internal GPS system, I would still be lost and trying to find my final destination.
Just like this rental car, you have an internal GPS - your “Guiding Principles System.” And just like the car, your internal GPS is:
  • always staring up to you…at no extra charge.
  • always ready to guide you to your destination…when you decide to turn it on.
  • always there to give you confidence… when you trust it.

Too often in our overloaded, internet-speed world, we forget to take the time to allow our internal GPS to be our guide.

So just for a moment, answer these questions:
  1. Do I rely enough on my free internal GPS, or do I let the pressures of the moment cloud my decisions?
  2. Can I fully trust my internal GPS to navigate me through my current and future challenges?
  3. If not, what must I do TODAY to rebuild, reprogram, or restart my internal GPS so that I can depend upon it as I should?

Your internal GPS is always there, always on, always available. Keep it fine-tuned on timeless rock-solid principles, and you’ll will succeed in reaching your final destination.

About the Author
Dr. Jim Harris teaches thousands of professionals every year how to crystalize their goals, leverage their strengths, energize their teams, and realize their significance as a professional and as a leader. From keynotes and workshops to 1-on-1 coaching and digital learning products, Dr. Jim helps transform your potential into productivity, and your passion into results. An author of eight books, Dr. Jim offers you, your team, and your audience a unique combination of perspective, insight, passion, and integrity.

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