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Hottest Hair Styles for Fall 2011

By Philip Pelusi, Internationally recognized stylist and product artist | July 18, 2011

Philip Pelusi talks about cuts, colors and much more for the season.

Here are the absolute must have trends for 2011 from Philip Pelusi of Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi.These new takes on style, texture and color requires a special product line create these modern, natural hair fabric looks.

New Age Chignons
This fall’s chignon runway styles are revolutionary new twists, literally, on the original classic chignon worn by Grace Kelly and Kim Novak.No longer smooth and orderly, but instead they artistically vary in placement, shape and texture.One of the forerunners of this look was created by Philip Pelusi and his Tela Beauty Organics design team for Venexiana’s Fall 2011 Runway Collection.Philip’s chignon creation, named the Warrior Knot, is a rebellious chignon twisted up the back and positioned high on the head and sculpted into large loop on the top.The perfect combination of femininity and fierce.Hair textures were blown dry smooth and set in hot rollers to give the hair shine and smooth body before twisted into the elegant yet strong sculptured knot.For the smoother style make sure to add a petroleum-free smoothing hair gloss to seal down frizzies and create a sleek look.Look for one that instead contains organic acai and argan for shine and moisture.

Another fall 2011 chignon look is to leave the hair textured as if it were air-dried or scrunch dried into a rumpled texture then swept back into a chignon positioned either low at the nape or high just below the crown.The look here disheveled elegance with even the chignon knot left with various pieces haphazardly sticking out instead of the traditional neat smooth chignon knot.For this more textured look apply a resin-free hair volumizer that contains a natural texturizer such as organic sugar cane and organic beeswax.No matter which chignon style you go for, make sure you have a resin-free, powder-free spray on dri shampoo on hand to mist the hair and give it some texture and to mist on to help hold the set.Look for one that also contains color holding ingredients organic Chinese foxglove and ku shen.

Punk Edged Cuts
Short hair cuts are back with a rockin’ edge.Short angular cuts with shorn sides and nape combined with a longer crown and bang area.Movies star Kate Winslet is sporting an asymmetrical platinum crop while Ginnifer Goodwin has a softly layered textured mohawk.This look started in the spring and is growing even stronger into Fall 2011.These look short be worn with a solid or almost solid looking glossy hair color.No obvious highlights here.Bright platinum or deeper brunettes really compliment this new edgy look.One important factor with all of these new punk edge cuts is that they still maintain a sultry soft feel.Keep a texturizing product handy to create a grungy second-day hair texture or something to create a stiffer sleeker look.Look for one with organic honey to give the hair a rumpled texture plus sheen.

Big Braids
Another current popular trend that is even gaining more speed for Fall 2011 is the braided hair trend.But these braids are not the school girl braids which where neat and precise.Instead Fall 2011’s braids are made modern and sexy with a couple of important elements.First they are not supposed to be neat.The hair looks like it was grabbed and gathering into a focal area such as at the lower right or left nape and then quickly braided.Leave edges out and if the braid looks too neat when finished, simply run the palm of your hand up the braid from the bottom to fray and undo the braid a bit.The placement of the braid is also non-traditional.Instead the braids are worn as a headband or as a fishtail coming from the nape.Also there is no limit on the creativity here and also no neatness allowed.The most important thing is to use a resin-free groom to keep the hair under control and too keep it from slipping out of your hands while creating it.Look for one that contains organic honey to control frizzies and add moisture.

Extreme Center Parts
Where we part hair changes are frequently as any fashion trend.For this fall the look is an extreme center part.Extreme meaning the part has a clear delineation and is not staggered.Instead it a clean and direct part from one point to another.This center parting trend works no matter what the texture and volume level of the hair.Make sure to apply a resin-free grooming product to keep the part area neat.You can even apply a bit before making the actual part on wet hair to make parting easier.Look for one that is recommended for photo styling and contains organic olive and shea butter to control hair without stiffness.

Whether positioned high or low the ponytail is back for Fall 2011.Always as much a fashion staple like black trousers, the ponytail can worn whether you are dressing up or down.One of the ponytail trends for this fall is that the hair should be long, no short ponytails here.Also this season there are no rules for placement, meaning the ponytail can be positioned high on the crown, directly in the back of the head or low at the nape.Also the texture can either be smooth or wavy and the ponytail can either be super neat or a bit on the disheveled side.Make sure to have a resin-free hair groom that contains organic sweet almond oil and shea butter to give the hair a bit of control and a good natural boar bristle paddle brush on hand to groom and brush hair back into a hair band.Another trick to polish up a ponytail is to wrap a bit of the tail around the hair band to hide it and pin the end under the band.

Swept Back Voluminous Locks
Big hair is getting even bigger for this coming fall.To be on trend steer clear of smooth close to the head styles and instead go for the volume.This fall’s voluminous lock trend is swept back of the face whether the hair is worn down or up into an updo.The hair is also teased to give even more volume but to be on trend it is very important to not brush out the teasing completely.If the teasing is brushed smooth the look with appear outdated circa the 1960’s.To make it modern the teasing should only be partially brushed out with some of the base teasing even showing.This Swept Back Voluminous hair trend also in includes the idea of Pinned Back Bangs.Meaning the bangs are pulled directly off the face and secured with a few hair pins.Again it is perfectly on trend to not even bother to hide the pins.Make sure to get this full volume look off with a volume building shampoo and conditioner.This gets the texture off to a crisper start giving it more staying power throughout the day or night.Look for one that can increase the diameter of the hair strand by 10% and contains organic sugar cane and sugar maple to create volume.

Loose Waves
The wavy hair trend continues into this fall.And one of the best things about this trend is that is works with any length.Loose waves work with short hair such as actress Ginnifer Goodwin, medium hair such as singer Florence Welch or long hair such as Jennifer Lopez.All of these cuts and lengths have a loose textured wave to them but zero frizz.If the hair is naturally wavy, make sure the hair is in good condition and frizz free.To really eliminate frizz ask your salons stylist for a formaldehyde free semi-permanent keratin smoothing treatment.Something that will smooth out the frizz but allow the wavy hair client to still wear their waves but now even better since they will be frizz free.Also apply a weightless groom to detangle and keep frizzies away during the day.Look for one that contains the hydrating ingredient guar plus a sunscreen of SPF 18 to help protect hair and scalp from UV Rays.

Bold Golds and Dark Chocolate Browns
Although the icy look of platinum blonde is the way to go for the Punk Edge Cut look, for all other blonde styles go for the gold.Think Diane Kruger and Kate Bosworth!Where with platinum color the hair is solid, but this is not so with the gold toned blondes.Lush golden locks are the look for Fall 2011.Keep the color on the cool side of gold to avoid verging on yellow.Also add a spark here and there with an even cool gold to platinum subtle highlights.Also this Bold Gold tone also really compliments wavy, semi wavy and even a slightly rumpled texture.

Another huge trend in color for Fall 2011 is a Dark Chocolate Brown with very subtle highlights just to add a bit of dimension but without looking highlighted.The idea is to just make the hair look less solid.This color compliments longer hair styles.Think Anne Hathaway.The hue is not cool but instead a deep warm chocolate brown with a highlight just 1 or 2 shades lighter with a golden undertone to keep the look warm.No matter which color trend you pick make sure to protect your color investment with a shampoo and conditioner what will keep your color locked in.This is critical as the shampoo someone chooses can literally wash their color investment out of their hair.Choose one that contains a multitude of organic antioxidants such as reishi mushroom, Chinese foxglove, milk thistle and wolfberry.

About the Author
Philip Pelusi is an internationally recognized stylist, photographer and product artist. Having gone from one salon to 13 locations as well as a magnificent industry centerpiece in New York City, Pelusi has created a philosophy, a product line, P2 by Philip Pelusi and systems for success.Philip created and trademarked, within the industry, the phrase “A Cut Above The Rest” to coincide with his creation of the registered Volumetric haircutting technique around which he built his empire.

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