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By Scott-Vincent Borba, Borba Inc. | August 4, 2011

Scott-Vincent Borba on what inspires him.

In my business, creativity is the pillar of the company. Without it, I would be nothing, and I’m known for my radical creativity.

For example, one of my very first Fortune 500 interviews was to hold a tennis ball and identify 5 new skin care or cosmetic products from it. Think about that one. Give yourself only one minute and let your creativity rip!

I want to hear your answers and I will then tell you what I said. You will be amazed at what this exercise will do for you and to get you back on track. I mean it, send me your thoughts. You never know if there is a co-brand in one of your ideas!

I never get inspired within my own industry, and I hate when someone comes back from a beach trip and says, “I was inspired by the sea, the color of the ocean etc.” Ahhh, such BS!

Look at completely different industries for inspiration. For me, inspiration can come from the automotive industry, wind power, scrapbooking; you get what I’m saying here. There are nuggets that you put together like a Lego system, and that’s when the brilliant idea comes. Then you have to be a good enough sales person to be strong in your conviction to sell it to your team, make certain you qualify your concept and it has a ROI.

People challenged my skin care food idea. Well, it is not only one of my top selling products, but by year end, you will see how big this new category will be with my new launches!

Don’t be afraid. Just dream and go for it!

About the Author
Scott-Vincent Borba founded Borba Inc. after a futile search to find skin care that would work for his sensitive, blemish prone skin. After doing an inordinant amount of research, Scott-Vincent realized that while topical products, such as serums, creams and exfoliators would work when used regularly, once stopped, the issues return, sometimes worse than before. He realized the body itself needs to be treated as well to maintain the results of a natural beautiful glow. To that effect, Borba'sInside/Out philosophy was born.

Borba's products, both topical and edible, are designed to provide the body with nutrients that support the creation of healthy, beautiful skin, while providing the body support to maintain itself.
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