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By Scott-Vincet Borba, Borba Inc. | December 4, 2011

Scott-Vincent Borba on taking risks.

Big risks lead to big rewards – we’ve all heard that. Risk taking is something successful people take for granted; the ability to take big risks financially. To invest money in a business and rake in profits. Risking money can be both rewarding and frightening, but what about taking chances with people?

Hiring a new representative for your company or someone in charge of your money is a huge leap for entrepreneurs. In a lot of ways, taking chances on people is far more rewarding than taking financial risks. Much thought goes into sourcing a new-hire. What experience am I looking for, how much education, what personality type, is there room to grow or will they be bored? All of these questions are CRITICAL when hiring any new member of your team.

Take into consideration the position and the usefulness of the new person in question to find a fit. I, for one, can admit that I’ve had employees that were phenomenal at their job, but terrible communicating with me. Granted I would have loved for this employee to be clear in their reports to me, but I sacrificed my own wants a bit to have a model worker. When it comes to choosing a new employee, keep one thing in mind: can they do their job well?

About the Author
Scott-Vincent Borba founded Borba Inc. after a futile search to find skin care that would work for his sensitive, blemish prone skin. After doing an inordinant amount of research, Scott-Vincent realized that while topical products, such as serums, creams and exfoliators would work when used regularly, once stopped, the issues return, sometimes worse than before. He realized the body itself needs to be treated as well to maintain the results of a natural beautiful glow. To that effect, Borba'sInside/Out philosophy was born.

Borba's products, both topical and edible, are designed to provide the body with nutrients that support the creation of healthy, beautiful skin, while providing the body support to maintain itself.
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