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Fall 2014 Hair Trends

By Philip Pelusi, Hair care expert | August 11, 2014

What's in store for the season? Here's a preview.

As the hot sunny days of summer come to an end, the transition into fall fashion, specifically fall hair fashion, begins.  Summer leaves us with fun summer memories of vacations and barbeques but also often leaves us with end of summer color faded and often dry and damaged hair.  This time of year calls for rejuvenating the condition of our hair fabric and a revamp of our hair color as well.  And in doing so, we need to consider what hair color and hair styles are trending for the upcoming fall season. 
One of the hair color trends for Fall 2014 started this past spring.  Dimensional Monochrome best describes this hair color trend in that hair appears to be visually more of a solid color but with dimension from within that doesn’t involve any bold highlighted pieces.  In other words, it is a bit of visual illusion.  Whether blonde, red or brunette, hair appears to have an underlying glow of variegating light and somewhat deep hues.  Most definitely this hair color trends does involve some type of high and or low lighting techniques but with a tone and level that is close to base color only varying 1 or 2 levels away.  Also the size of the highlighted pieces should be a medium size slice or weave; not too thin and not too thick.  Too thick and the overall style with looked streaky and outdated; too thin and the highlights will completely disappear and not provide enough variation to create dimension.  I recommend booking an appointment with a professional colorist for a customized color consultation and exclusive color techniques.  A personalized color formula will then be created to enhance your skin tone and eye color. 
Dimensional Monochrome is a prefect hair color trend to help transition what are usually grown out high-lift summer highlights or the light ends of an Ombre’ effect.  The Dimensional Monochrome trend can help incorporate those old highlights as part of the overall depth of color created in this new fall look.  As far as the popular hair colors trending for Fall 2014, there are 3 major colorations to consider.  Chocolate Auburn is the first consisting of rich warm tones of red brown, rich fiery reds and auburn strawberry blondes.  As a complete opposite coloration, the Icy Blonde hair color trend comprises of platinum blondes and cool ashy toned dark blonde hues.  And last, the Dark Ombre’, which is simply a warmer toned down version of the summer very light-ended Ombre’ color trend.  The root are still deeper in color and the ends are still kept lighter but now for fall are much richer, warmer and closer in level to the root shade.
And because summer highlighted hair is usually more porous due to exposure tosun, chlorine and salt water, color retention becomes a major issue.  I want to protect the quality of the hair fabric as well as the client’s color investment.  As stylists, we can start assisting with color retention right along with the actual color application instead of just approaching color retention with after-care products only.  So I recommend a color retention additive be blended into the stylists professional color mixture.  Look for one that contains a Coconut Protein Micro-emulsion, a Patented Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Absorber, plus Organic Reishi Mushroom, Ku Shen and Chinese Foxglove that can help to prevent color fadage up to 80% in between touch ups.  Special color preservation ingredients are deposited into the hair’s cortex at the same time the color molecules are being deposited.  Look for a color retention additive that can play double duty and be sold as a retail take-home product that can be mixed to the client’s in-shower conditioner for the ultimate in hair color protection.  Place a plastic cap over the hair to trap heat, allow to stay on the hair for 3-10 minutes or longer, rinse and style as usual.
Also be sure to maintain the client’s color investment after they leave the salon with a special prescription of stylist recommended products to use at home.  Look for a shampoo and conditioner that contain Organic Wolfberry and Milk Thistle to help seal the cuticle layer of the hair helping to lock in color molecules while simultaneously strengthening the hair.  Also add an intensive leave-in conditioner to the client’s daily hair care routine.  Look for one that can be blow-dry and flat ironed into the hair turning the heat into a deep conditioning catalyst for ingredient such as Organic Rice Bran and Soy Lecithin.  This not only increases the effectiveness of the product but the ease of use allows the client to “deep condition” consistently therefore increasing color retention and helping to improve their hair’s condition.
Also to help further reinforce color as the weeks go on after a professional color service, I suggest recommending a custom blended color enhancing conditioner.  A stylist custom-blended mixture will help support their custom hair color formula that was applied in the salon.  Look for one that contains natural flower pigments from the Louis Pasteur Clinic in France and natural human hair melanin that stain the hair’s cuticle and cortex without raising the Ph level of the hair.  A conditioner color enhancer as opposed to a color shampoo is much more effective in getting a better stain deposit onto the hair.  Recommend using this 1 or 2 times a week along with their regular conditioning program starting a few weeks after their color application.  This not only helps enhance their color but also increases the value of the stylist as their color expert.  The color or color combination should be selected to help naturally maintain the salon color results on more-porous summer worn hair.  But it also could be recommended to lightly tone down summer highlights and Ombre’ technique.
Interestingly, all this fall’s hair color trends work perfectly in lock-step with the newest trend towardnon-chemical hair texture enhancers.  These high tech treatments can not only provide texture management but also simultaneously seal in hair color and rejuvenating hair’s condition at the same time.  A perfect in-salon treatment to support your transition into fall hair color.  Look for a treatment that contains the gluten-free grain Quinoa when you want to help spring up and define natural curl and wave and eliminate frizz.  On the flipside, look for the latest technology Ceramide Keratin Micro-emulsions for when you are looking to smooth hair texture and create brilliant shine.  In creating our non-chemical texture management products, I also created a Patent Pending mixture to aid in color retention, help eliminate frizzies, help create brilliant shine and greatly improve texture called the Hydro-Charged Pelusi Ceramide Complex.  And we have seen great results from behind the chair as well as amazing client feedback on how they feel their hair looks and performs.  But no matter what type of texture management service you select make sure to only choose products that do not contain any Formaldehyde, Aldehyde or Formaldehyde derivatives for your safety as well as the condition of the hair.
Another hair trend that is predicted tobe very in vogue for Fall 2014 is Ornate Hair.  Hair is styled into an intricate shape involving a knot or ponytail, accessorized with a glamorous headband or embellished with flowers or ornate decorative combs or jeweled pins.  My Philip Pelusi International Design Team took this trend to a whole new level for the Fall 2014 Mercedes Benz runway show for the couture design house Venexiana.  This high-fashion and extremely dressy style is one that can really only be achieved by a professional stylist.  A crown of twisted hair wraps around the head ending in an intricate woven knot at the base of the nape topped off with decorative jeweled combs.  Perfect with any dressy gown or bridal look.
Other Ornate styles include various combination textured braided updos, intricate ballerina buns adorned with flowers and sleek ponytail looks with decorative hairbands.  But no matter what the ornate is chosen, make sure you recommend the right hair crafting tools to have on hand.  I recommend starting with a hair refresher to add texture and body to freshly shampooed or second day hair.  Look for onewith an allergen-freeWhite Tea and Thyme fragrance freshen hair scent while it’s (PVP)-free formula of Sunflower Extract adds volume and texture.  Also make sure to have a weightless and mistake proof hair setting and shaping spray.  Look for one that is specially blended to have style memory and be slow-drying allowing for time to work with the hair.  The formula should be light enough to allow a stylist or client to brush thru the hair and start again if they want to change up the shape mid-stream with no build-up whatsoever.
And finally a firm and last lasting holding spray to help finish and hold hair in place.  Look for one that contains a water-soluble resin so it rinses clean with the next shampoo.  It should create of shine and never any cloudy residue.  Mist lightly onto the finished look and once hair is dry, apply one final mist of a super shine spray.  Look for water-soluble version one that can work on any texture.  Also look for it to contain Selenium and Magnesium because they fortify the hair while Beta Carotene works as a UV filter to create zero-build-up shine.  And last, add jewels, flowers or combs to create a unique, ornate hairdo for this summer.

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