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By Andrew Dale, CEO of Unite Hair Care | February 6, 2017

Consumers are seeking hair care products that strengthen locks for easy management.

Consumers right now are looking for a couple of things in shampoos: rich lather and instant gratification when rinsing their hair, meaning they want their hair to feel clean, but silky and moisturized even before they apply their conditioner. They are also looking for clean ingredients, free of sulfates, parabens and sodium chloride. They want to use a shampoo that work well with their chemical services, so being sulfate and sodium chloride free helps retain color and does not reverse the effects of their straightening treatments. Also, nowadays people wash their hair less often, they want a shampoo and conditioner that will give them clean, moisturized hair that will last for 2-4 days without having to wash it again. More and more customers are buying their hair care products in salons and not retail stores. They want insight and guidance from a professional who knows their hair needs- whether its volume, moisture, smoothing, etc. 
The hottest trend right now is the ‘undone’ hair. People are actually styling their hair to look like they did not do anything to it. This goes well with not washing their hair for a few days, as the hair is more ‘lived in’ the style gets better. You will see women on the streets with a beautiful dress and designer shoes and bags, and their hair will be undone and it somehow beautiful finishes their look. Products like Unite Texturiza Spray will give the hair that ‘lived in’ textured look and it can be layered on each day without weighing the hair down or making it look too greasy. Unite Expanda Dust is another great product for this. It textures the hair, gives it amazing lift and volume and also soaks up any excess grease.
We tend to stay away from trendy ingredients. What we have been finding is that people want the ingredients in their personal care products to be simple. Almost like a salad. Equating it to how people are eating clean and healthy these days, if they can’t pronounce the ingredient they don’t want to eat it. They are making that same concept relatable in all aspects of their life. We are trying to add active ingredients that are pure, simple and truly have a purpose in the product. 

In formulating, we suggest and utilize components like:
-Sugar Cane Extract, which adds moisture
-Green Tea Extract, which again moisturizes and seals the cuticle
-Sunflower Seed Extract which aids in UVA and UVB protection on the hair
-Shea Butter which adds intense moisture and shine
-Cleansing agents sourced from coconut oil that are gentle on the hair
-Panthenol, which is ProVitamin B, which adds Volume to the hair
-Argan Oil, which has so many benefits, moisture, conditioning, shine and protection. Overall hair health. 
-Fruit Extracts such as Apple, Orange and lemon to condition the hair and promote hair health.
We are in an a time where the market is really saturated with a ton of innovative products from some really great brands.  It makes new products more difficult to cultivate. What we believe consumers really want, and what will continue to grow is the multi functional products similar to the BB and CC Creams of makeup and skin care. They may want a product that will straighten or smooth their waves but they also want a type of health benefit to it, something that protects it and helps to seal in moisture. Or a product that adds texture to their hair but also protects their hair from UV rays and other outside damages. We want to provide products that will style hair without sacrificing hair health and condition.
About the expert
Andrew Dale, founder and CEO of Unite, San Diego, CA, shares the latest hair care trends for 2017.