All Washed Up

October 31, 2006

Liquid soap reigns as cleanser of choice, while organic ingredients emerge as a growing trend.

All  Washed Up

Liquid soap reigns as cleanser of choice, while organic ingredients emerge as a growing trend.

Lindsay Elkins
Associate Editor

While the days of Mr. Bubble making bath time fun are a thing of the past, getting squeaky clean is still a priority for consumers, but the way they go about it is beginning to change. After four years of consecutive declines, sales of bath and shower products grew 1% in 2005, according to Euromonitor. The growth is largely due to new product developments in the past year.

Despite the gain, traditional bar soap is being nudged out by liquid soaps, shower gels and body washes as consumers’ suds of choice.

“Liquid soap, in particular instant foam soap sales continue to see double-digit growth,” said Robert Brands, managing director of Rexam Airspray. “The growth has accelerated in the past two years and we’ve seen a tremendous upturn.”

A Daily Treat

What was once thought of as an occasional treat or a gift item, body washes are now part of consumers’ daily cleansing rituals. In 2005, body wash and shower gel sales grew by 9%, with the liquid soap category as a whole up 11%, according to Euromonitor. Why the big surge in sales? According to Euromonitor, liquid soaps are perceived to be more innovative and dynamic than their non-liquid counterparts.

Sampar’s Winsome line features Urban Active Complex to stimulate skin’s defenses and protect against external aggressors.
TerraNova introduced its Tuberose line at the New York Gift Show held at the beginning of this year. “Tuberose came about as a new collection as we were looking to add a fresh new floral to our current assortment of floral ranges,” explained Mitchell Merrick, national sales manager for Berkeley, CA-based TerraNova. “As a company we always do well with florals.  We keep getting requests for a product that could be sold along the coast, island and hip and trendy stores.”

Tuberose is an eight product line that features pure glycerin soap enriched with lemongrass and gingko; Hydrating body wash, a foamy, gel cleanser with lotus and green tea; plus body oil, lotion, body butter and perfume.

Mr. Merrick noted that gels remain the most popular cleanser with consumers because they not only cleanse but provide moisturizing benefits as well. “Consumers like gels such as the ones we produce that do not dry skin out, but leave it feeling clean and refreshed.”

Sampar’s Winsome Body line was designed for the woman who wants to treat her body as well she treats her face. Each of the five products in the line feature Sampar’s exclusive Urban Active Complex, a combination of shea butter, mint leaf and vegetal and milk sugars that stimulate skin’s defense mechanisms and protect against external aggressors.

The line’s Dew It Again Shower gel soothes the skin and actively removes toxins and pollutants while reinforcing the natural defense barriers. Enriched with a concentration of six essential oils, including refreshing peppermint oil, sensual lavender and cajeput, Dew it Again Shower gel helps refresh the body.
All natural bath and body line Malie Kauai is striving to become all organic.

The Lap of Luxury Sea scrub combines marine salts rich in minerals with natural essential oils to help eliminate impurities, gently exfoliate skin and help regenerate cutaneous tissue. Combining the Urban Active complex with natural active ingredients stimulates the skin’s natural defense mechanisms, resulting in radiant, revitalized skin.

P&G’s Zest brand of bar soaps and body washes has  launched a new fragrance selection to its lineup. Zest Tangerine-Mango Twist, available in both bar soap and body wash, promises a long-lasting scent to invigorate the senses while still rinsing completely clean with no filmy residue.

Avon’s Naturals Shower Gels cleanse, moisturize and leave skin lightly scented with natural fragrances. The formula is less drying than soap and natural extracts leave skin with a light and natural scent. The shower gels are available in seven fragrances: Coconut & Papaya, Cucumber Melon, Gardenia, Lavender & Chamomile, Mango & Passionfruit, Peach and Vanilla and retails for $5.49.

Intimate Cleansing

Lake Consumer Products’ Beyond Fresh Intimates is the first line of foaming products designed specifically for women’s intimate cleansing. The new line utilizes foam to deliver what other products can’t––an instantaneous lather that preserves the natural lipids of the skin, rinses clean and leaves women feeling fresh and luxurious all day.

Unlike soap, the line’s gel-to-foam technology lathers without the use of a sponge or washcloth, which helps protect against skin agitation, saves time and prevents product waste. The foam is also specially formulated to match skin’s natural pH and rinses completely away, preventing residue build up that can lead to odor, itching and other discomfort.

“Beyond Fresh Intimates is a complete line of products that can be used on intimate areas as well as the entire body,” said Mike Kermendy, director of marketing for Lake Consumer Products, Inc., Jackson, WI. “As a result, women now have a single line of products that truly addresses their full body washing needs.”

The feminine wash is the first product of its kind specifically formulated for healthy cleansing of women’s intimate areas as well as the rest of the body.  The product suspends bacteria and soil and then washes completely away for safe, effective cleaning. The feminine shave and shower is a multi-functional shaving gel and cleanser that protects against redness and bumps, and is ideal for the most sensitive areas of a woman’s body.

Last month Klorane relaunched its popular Ultra Rich Moisturizing Shower gels that are designed to moisturize and protect with a silky texture and light foam formula to soften the skin. All three formulas contain a combination of poplar tree bud extract and phytosqualane to create the first natural hydrolipidic film that mimics skin’s self-protective qualities. They are also soap-free and pH neutral to keep skin’s natural balance intact.

Zen Spirit Ultra-Rich Shower gel contains bamboo sap, sandalwood, cedar and patchouli extracts to relax and soothe the spirit while simultaneously cleaning and moisturizing. Tangerine, lemon, orange, jasmine and other ingredients are combined to energize and awaken senses in Klorane’s Morning Wake Up Extra-Rich Shower gel. Ultra Soft Extra-Rich Shower gel utilizes honey, plum and vanilla extracts to moisturize and leave skin soft and supple.

Beautiful and Beneficial

While consumers usually think of shower gels as merely a sweet-smelling way to get clean, companies are formulating their products to deliver serious benefits beyond simply cleansing and moisturizing.

Kneipp launched its Evening Primrose collection in October, a line of four products that calm very dry, scaly, itchy and irritated skin with natural ingredients. Its smoothing properties work to prevent skin from losing moisture as it regenerates and replenishes skin cells.  The oils prevent dehydration and immediately leave skin feeling comfortable and supple.  

“Evening Primrose is perfect for women experiencing extremely dry skin,” explained Mary Leber, president of NY-based Kneipp. “It will also resolve many of the discomforts of neuro dermatitis by delivering linoleic and linolenic acid to skin.”

Evening Primrose Moisture bath contains 98% nourishing oils and natural gamma linolenic acid. The bath calms and protects very dry and irritated skin while bathing by depositing a protective lipid film on the surface of the skin. A 3.4oz. bottle retails for $19.

Evening Primrose Moisturizing body wash is ideal for irritated, dry and sensitive skin and is rich in Evening Primrose and almond oils. A 6.8oz. bottle retails for $14.50.

Unilever’s Dove brand debuted Calming Night body wash and bar soap, a unique formula with a calming fragrance that leaves consumers feeling pampered, relaxed and ready for sleep. Each formulation provides a rich lather with soothing honey and vitamin A that works with the warmth of the shower to regenerate skin and relax the senses.

A Natural Approach

If there is one trend taking the bath and body market by storm, it’s formulating products with natural ingredients. According to Euromonitor, manufacturers use the term natural in brand names and product description to appeal to consumers who view natural products as being better for them. Including food ingredients is also a way for companies to position products as natural.

Malie Kauai launched a line of all natural beauty products from the island of Kauai. Currently sold in spas, resorts and lifestyle boutiques, the line features bath lather, infused with Hawaiian Hydrosols, palm oil and seaweed, body polish, which nourishes and exfoliates, luxe soap with kukui nut oil and macadamia nut oil to moisturize and mango butter bun, an in-shower moisturizer activated by steam and warm water.

“Malie is organic when possible and otherwise wild-crafted,” said a spokesperson for Malie Kauai. “These natural products contain no sulfates, no parabens, no mineral spirits and no petroleum byproducts, thus having a great appeal to the natural active consumer.”

Now, the company is striving to become all organic and is launching an organic facial line this month. “Consumers are looking for great product attributes with better, more natural ingredients,” added the Malie spokesperson.

In September Aura Cacia launched a new line of natural aromatherapy body washes and body creams available in fragrances such as lavender, ginger/mint and patchouli/sweet orange.

“The intent with the launch of Aromatherapy Body washes and Body creams was to create effective, pure-as-can-be products that deliver a true aromatherapy experience in high growth, everyday use categories,” noted Mindy Seiffert, Aromatherapy category manager.  

Aura Cacia’s Aromatherapy line is made from 100% pure essential oils.
The body washes and creams are made from 100% pure essential oils and are free of parabens, sodium lauryl or sodium laureth sulfates, synthetic fragrances and colors.

“Our formulas provide completely natural body cleansing and moisturizing without the harsh chemicals and other unwanted ingredients found in most body care products,” added Ms. Seiffert. Each body wash retails for $9.99 and $10.99 for the body creams.

All About Organics

“Organics are hot, hot, hot!” exclaimed TerraNova’s Mr. Merrick and the company has had huge success with its Organic Oasis bath and body line, fully launched in January of this year.

“With almost two years of research and combination of products we came up with our TerraNova - Organic Oasis line,” pointed out Mr. Merrick. “We wanted something that looked fresh and appealing keeping the fragrances somewhat earthy. We also wanted to be able to add a host of new accounts like health food stores, specialty grocery and eco stores and Organic Oasis has allowed us to do just that.”

The Organic Oasis line features a host of products including Green Coffee & Yerba Maté Stimulating Body scrub to fight cellulite, while exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing and Soy Milk & Vanilla Orchid bath and shower cream, a creamy cleanser with Tahitian vanilla and organic soy milk, as well as body lotions, massage oil and essential oil perfume. The combinations of each product in the line are 70- to 90% organic.

There are also trends in formulating body washes, soaps and lotions with anti-aging and antioxidant ingredients, according to Mr. Merrick. “We have followed suit by adding these to our ingredient lists; i.e., white tea, organic coffee, etc.”

Herbal Effect

Keeping in line with the antioxidant trend, Earth Therapeutics developed its Green Tea Herbal body care line, which is loaded with vitamins C and E, olive oil and aloe vera to not only leave skin refreshed, but also protected from environmental aggressors. Each product in the four-piece line, which includes Green Tea Herbal wash with chamomile and Herbal soap with rice bran granules in vegetable glycerin retails for $3.99 to $14.99.

The company also introduced Anti-Stress body wash formulated with chamomile and lavender to calm frazzled nerves, while peppermint oil and wintergreen wakes up the senses.

Jo Wood Organics, a collection of organic body products, was launched last year and is made with the highest grades of organic essential oils, essences and plant extracts from accredited and audited growers. Jo Wood is so intent on keeping in line with the organic way of living, all products contain no water, but an ultra-filtered form of orange juice known as vegetal water, a rare ingredient that gives skin a boost of nourishing antioxidants.

The line consists of five product formulations, broken down into two scents: Amka, with top notes of neroli and bergamont and Usiku, with top notes of rosemary, pine needle, cardamom and hot ginger. Bath oil, body oil, body lotion, body dew and body soap are all formulated to cleanse, moisturize and soothe.

The Healing Garden offers four different collections from its Organics lineup of products, including olive and aloe, fig and lavender and wild honey scents for the body and a skin organics line for the face. Each organics collection combines science and wellness with a blend of botanicals to help deliver soft and healthy looking skin. Each collection is also certified organic.

The olive and aloe collection is free of parabens, artificial colors and additives and deeply hydrates and nourishes even the driest skin. Body mist, body lotion and body wash are all part of the lineup. The fig and lavender collection features body mist, lotion, bath soak, body wash and an everyday gift set for balanced skin. The wild honey line includes body mist, lotion, scrub, wash and soap.

Simple As 1-2-3

In today’s world of hustle and bustle, consumers are always on the lookout for opportunities to simplify their lives. And all-in-one hair and body shampoos are just the ticket.

 Philip B of Philip B Botanical Products knows that men don’t want to spend a lot of time primping in the shower, but still want to be well-groomed. Nordic Wood One Step Hair and Body shampoo combines Norwegian spruce, balsam fir, white pine, cedarwood and white camphor extracts in a quick and easy all-in-one hair and body shampoo formula that keeps a man’s hair and scalp healthy.

“People are looking for function with outstanding quality,” explained Philip B. “The American consumer is becoming more savvy with regard to navigating through the glut of brands that have hit the consumer market in the last 10 years.”

Zotos International recently added new fragrance selections to its popular Fresh Baked line of all-in-one hair and body shampoos. Raspberry tart has the aroma of fresh raspberries in a pastry crust, Blueberry muffin is fruity and sweet and Birthday cake is a vanilla-infused wash with the scent of butter cream frosting. Each Fresh Baked hair and body shampoo retails for $7.99.

Soaps Make a Splash

Slumping bar soap sales have personal care companies working overtime to breathe life back into this shower time staple. Soaps now do more than just clean away dirt and grime; they are formulated with anti-aging ingredients and rich moisturizers to pamper and protect. Also, natural additives such as aloe vera, vitamin E, tea tree oil and  vitamins have increasingly found their way into soap formulations in an effort to generate consumer interest and demand according to Euromonitor.

 Sea Salt and Rooibos Red Tea are two new additions to Indigo Wild’s  Zum Bar line of goat’s milk soaps.
Earth Therapeutics tossed the idea of traditional bar soap out the window with the introduction of Loofah in a Bar, an exfoliant and bar soap in one with a glycerin base that washes off cleanly so skin is left soft and touchable. Three scents are available: aloe vera and kiwi to moisturize and protect, oatmeal and honey to soothe and peaches to stimulate the senses.

When consumers hear the word soap, visions of a plain, white bar that leaves a drying film on skin pops into their heads. But Honeycat Cosmetics’ line of fun and sexy bath and body products launched this year aims to dispel that soap myth. The line’s best seller, according to founder and chief executive officer Theresa Spruill, is the Vanilla Cream Body bar, an infusion of shea butter, aloe and sweet almond oil that leaves skin super soft.

“Known for its relaxation properties, the bar is infused with vanilla, palm and olive oil,” noted Ms. Spruill. “One of our customers mentioned that she has gone as far as carrying our Vanilla Cream Body bar around in her pocketbook, and every now and then, when she feels stress, she takes it out to smell it.”

Dallas TX-based Advanced Beauty Systems’ Bodycology line aims to help consumers live and feel better everyday––and one of the main ways to do that is to simplify their lives.     

“Bodycology products have been created to help the busy woman get through her day by treating herself to refreshing fragrance and moisture,” explained Chris McClain, president of Advanced Beauty Systems, Inc.

Bodycology’s Body Bar is a unique two-in-one combo of a glycerin soap and sponge set right into the bar––so there’s no  need for a separate soap and sponge or washcloth routine to get clean. Aloe vera and vitamin E cleanse and nourish and the bar comes in four scents: tropical ginger to revitalize; coconut/lime to uplift; passion fruit to intrigue and peach mango to energize. An 8oz. bar retails for $4.99.

Philosophy’s best-selling Amazing Grace scent was selected as one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2005 and the company has since introduced a new addition to the collection of body washes, fragrance solids and others with the Amazing Grace Soap Duo. The glycerin-based bars moisturize skin while aloe and chamomile extracts help calm and soothe. Each bar is 5oz. and the duo retails for $18.

Wild for Soap

Indigo Wild expanded its popular Zum Bar line of soaps last year to include Sea Salt and Rooibos Red Tea. Zum Bars are made with goat’s milk to provide a moisturizing balance to skin, while pure essential oils and naturally occurring glycerin nourish skin and invigorate the senses.

“Zum Bars are a cold processed soap, not your typical melt and pour soap that you see on the shelves,” said Annie Kremers, director of customer service, Indigo Wild. “The art of the Zum Bars are also appealing and unique. Each Zum Bar is handcrafted at Indigo Wild and has its own look. The scent, look and essential oils set Zum Bars apart from all others.”

Sea Salt Zum Bar delivers moisture, extra exfoliating powers and a refreshing citrus scent as well as a triple dose of hydration thanks to its goat’s milk base, glycerin and sea salt. The key ingredient in this formula is in the natural sea salts, which act as an exfoliant and an emollient, bringing moisture to the skin’s surface.

Rooibos Red Tea Zum Bar utilizes rooibos red tea from South Africa and has antioxidizing, anti-inflammatory properties and skin-fortifying benefits. Alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc promotes healthy, smooth skin.

“Studies have continuously shown how popular and great tea is for you, we thought, well if you are concerned with what you put into your body, you should be concerned with what you put onto your body,” pointed out Carolyn Gates, director of marketing for Indigo Wild. “We decided a tea soap would appeal to those tea drinkers as well, because of their anti-oxidant properties.” Each Zum Bar retails for $5.30 for a 3oz. bar.

And what’s the key to setting soap apart from every other bar on the shelf? Top-shelf ingredients, education and uniqueness, according to Ms. Kremers. “Consumers are becoming more aware of the processes in which their products are created, which tells a lot about the care and time that goes into the products.”

Whether it’s body wash or bar soap, there is room for  growth despite the maturity of the bath and body category. Consumers are looking for innovative products that will help them pamper the skin on their bodies as they do their faces.