Full Steam Ahead

By Melissa Meisel, Associate Editor | June 4, 2012

Supplier and marketing insiders agree that details are essential to the power of packaging.

You can, indeed, judge a book by its cover when it comes to the packaging of a personal care product. Ingredients alone cannot sell a SKU; when it comes down to standing out on the store shelf, a product needs to have that “wow factor.” Whether it is a revitalized graphic, a handy lid or a recyclable box, an increasing amount of personal care goods today are being produced with the power of packaging in mind. And it’s the interests of the consumer that serve as the starting point—especially shoppers who are ahead of the curve.

According to Mintel Beauty & Personal Care (BPC), the “kinetique” trend will impact global beauty consumers in 2012. Point-of-sale (POS) retail and packaging elements also form a key part of this movement.

“We’re seeing more connectivity both at point of sale—where consumers use smart phones to get information—and at home. From QR codes on pack to sound and video embedded in packaging, brands are increasing interactivity to enrich the product experience,” said Nica Lewis, global skin care analyst at Mintel. She cited Urban Decay’s popular Book of Shadows Vol. IV as an example. It has a USB port built into the palette so consumers can download makeup tutorials and listen to music while they’re getting ready.

“This blurring of the on- and offline space is critical for brands and retailers. It allows them to get closer than ever before to consumers,” she said.

There is also growing use of tablets and screens at POS to personalize the in-store experience. For example, Clinique introduced iPads for client consultations in-store and RiteAid is trialing an in-store kiosk that performs anonymous video analytics to determine the age and gender of customers standing in front of it. The Reward Center then dispenses vouchers and customized promotions, noted Lewis.

Besides high-tech packaging concepts, shoppers are also seeking out sustainable resources. Perception Research Services of Fort Lee, NJ found that 36% of US shoppers want environmentally friendly packaging—up from 28% in 2010, and half are willing to pay more; 59% say environmental claims positively impact their purchasing behavior, according to a recent survey.

“We’re seeing a great opportunity for manufacturers to provide truly value-added packaging to their target shoppers by making it more environmentally-friendly—primarily in the form of recyclability and recycled content—and clearly communicating these aspects. We have seen that it is vital to get both the message right (what is said) as well as the delivery (how it is executed on pack)—because one without the other will create a missed opportunity,” stated Jonathan Asher, executive vice president at Perception Research Services.

On the Supplier’s Side
The bar is continuously being raised for packaging that will protect more innovative formulas as they evolve from prestige through mass markets.According to Shannon Payne, vice president of sales, World Wide Packaging LLC, Florham Park, NJ, “This requirement for better protection of the formula through the primary package often requires some newer, innovative ways to design and produce the package such as material, process and multi-functional packaging.”

Payne continued, “Most consumers today seem to be in search of packaging that is user friendly, but at the same time demonstrates the ability (at least within the primary package) to protect, promote and perform for the actual product/formula inside.Today’s consumer seems to be more challenged than what a consumer would have been years ago. The distinction between consumer age being tied to a brand is much less in the fact that many brands are positioning themselves to offer a wider range of product to a wider consumer group.”

In fact, the first time a consumer applies a product is the most important experience—this determines whether they will continue to use the product and see effective results, noted Jim Perry, president/CEO, TaikiUSA, Montvale, NJ. “Shoppers are looking for function and intuitive use, coupled with aesthetic value when they see a new package,” he told Happi.

According to Perry, TaikiUSA has developed more than 50 unique functional containers that make “the application experience” intuitive and simple, providing extra value to the product. The company recently introduced a mascara package with EcoG+ technology that can reduce or eliminate the need for preservatives in the product formula. By incorporating silver and silica, this patented process provides preservative protection, and the silica allows for a 40-70% reduction in use of petrochemical resins.

“Today’s shoppers are increasingly becoming educated buyers who consider the environmental impact of both the product and the packaging,” agreed Michael Scott, project manager for Prime Label & Screen, Inc., Pewaukee, WI. “However, product performance remains a critical factor at the point of sale. The ultimate goal for a consumer is to purchase a product in an environmentally-friendly package that does not compromise performance.”

Scott noted Prime’s patented Rigid Lens II (RLII) closure as an example. According to Scott, RLII, on average, uses 74% less plastic than a molded fitment and has significantly better seal properties than a fitment. Prime can print directly on the closure as opposed to purchasing a separate label for graphics, as one would have to do with a fitment.

“Having the capability to offer a solution that is better for the environment, stronger in performance, and usually very competitive on cost has been a large factor in how Prime has been able to grow globally over the past several years,” he told Happi.

Michael Warford, national sales manager, ABA Packaging Corp., Holtsville, NY, said that many of the treatment and color cosmetics customers that his company serves are ultimately shopping for “innovative” packaging systems.

“They are seeking innovative shapes and innovative methods for dispensing, distributing and applying the products. Feedback that we are receiving from our customers tells us that the packages should be easy to use and that they should effectively perform in concert with the filled products in achieving the targeted results,” he explained. “Presentation is also an important factor, as the consumer wants perceived value in their purchase. Package decorating techniques and size impression play an important role in this area.”

For example, in mascara packaging, the ABA executive noted a shift from large volumizing brushes to smaller brushes for volume performance and more precise separation and lengthening. ABA’s manufacturing partner, OEKAbeauty, Bamberg, Germany, is meeting this need with the recent introduction of its “Delashious” and “Highlighter” wound fiber brushes. OEKAbeauty has also introduced unique brush shapes like its “Diamond” brush and multi-layer fiber brushes that provide separate areas within the same brush to achieve multiple application results, according to Warford.
Woodrow W. Pearce, president/CEO, Pearce Plastics, Inc., Pasadena, CA, agreed that the devil is in the details when it comes to enticing the fickle shopper.

“Nice looking containers with well marked labels and color coded, molded caps are qualities consumers are looking for,” he told Happi. “Our new CyberColors that are different from white and black caps and containers are also big right now.”

Pearce Plastics has a wide variety of cap designs, as seen in its Image One line, and all dispensing caps are designed to work with its unique venting technology. The company, which has been in business for more than 50 years, can produce caps in Pantone colors, fluorescent, pearlized, marbled or metallics.

Marketing Magic
Packaging makeovers are a popular way to refresh interest in a product. For example, instead of producing just another re-packaged “me too” men’s product line, Hey Dude Skin Care recently rolled out a line of skin care that rewards a guy’s craving for a simple system, according to the company. The collection combined functions like blending a facial cleanser with a shave gel as well as a pheromone-infused 3-in-1 shower SKU. Its tagline is “Ladies Beautify, Guys Dudify.”

By replacing its past series of branded products with a simple, step-by-step set of SKUs comprising a system it calls “Dudification,” Hey Dude Skin Care addresses all of the major male grooming needs—exfoliation, shaving, post-shave treatment, moisturizing and sun protection, according to company executives, who are in active discussions with a number of national “brick and mortar” retailers.

“Guys like the convenience of using fewer products to accomplish their goals, and we are designing packaging as well as functionality to accommodate these wants,” said Nick Berner, vice president of sales, Hey Dude Skin Care, Miami Beach, FL. “The companies that can deliver these benefits quickest and best will win.”

According to Berner, Hey Dude’s core target of young men, ages 18-25, wants portability and convenience above all else.

“By showcasing our products like Cleansing Shave Gel and dual pheromone infused Dude Wash 3-in-1 Body Wash, Shampoo & Shave Gel in clear 5oz flip cap tubes, we appealed directly to the idea that guys want products that are ‘obvious’ in function, easy to carry and visually appealing,” he told Happi. “The vivid colors of the product show through the clear tubes, and have artwork that’s fun and whimsical, creating a very attention grabbing visual compared with other brands next to us on a shelf.We created a main logo of a young man who is in this target niche.In our research, we found that a big reason for brand loyalty and equity is having a recognizable face, similar to why permanent icons like Mr. Clean and Aunt Jemima continue to resonate over decades.”

H2O Plus, a leader in marine science skin care acquired by Pola Orbis in 2011, recently unveiled a new brand image. A sleek, more stylized and contemporary logo set in lowercase type will appear on all skin care and spa products accompanied by a new tagline, “The Science of Marine Skincare.”
Incorporating both gradated and striated design elements, the packaging is said to evoke the feeling of descending from the surface of the ocean to the dark, rich depths, according to the company. The new color palettes are assigned to each skin care family making it easier for customers to shop and find their favorite formulas.

“It’s a very exciting time for our company,” said Bob Seidl, president and CEO of H2O Plus, Chicago.
“We are extremely proud of the brand’s evolution. We find our current marine-based platform is even more relevant than when H2O Plus was founded…The result of our brand work and research is a unique and modern package design that broadens our color palette to incorporate all the vibrant colors of the deep sea environment. These visual elements will be carried over into our upcoming store renovations as well.”

All of H2O Plus’ primary and secondary packaging is recyclable.All secondary packaging is Forest Stewardship Counsel (FSC) certified, a program that supports reforestation. According to Bill Colli, senior vice president of sales and marketing, H2O Plus, Chicago, “Sustainable packaging will continue to be one of the biggest trends.Determining the proper level of packaging, so your goods are not over or under packaged and your brand image resonates, is key.Customers are becoming better educated about recyclability and are increasingly adapting to more sustainable options such as paper-based packaging that provides for easy recycling.”

Dr. Bronner’s recently revamped its personal care packaging.
Sometimes the addition or deletion of text can make a difference in packaging appeal. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps recently rebranded its line of USDA certified organic body care products (24 items in total), including hand and body soaps, lotions, shaving gels, hair care products and hand sanitizing spray. The personal care line, initially released in early 2008, now features a new packaging design that looks like Dr. Bronner’s iconic castile soap label. According to the company, instead of Emanuel Bronner’s philosophy (as seen on the castile labels), the altered design features new writings by the current generation of the company about Bronner’s Fair Trade projects around the world and the charitable causes the company supports.

“Dr. Bronner’s has always been a mission-driven company with a mission-driven label. My grandfather created his soap label to espouse his philosophy,” said David Bronner, president of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, Escondido, CA. “Our new label allows us to use the style and spirit of the original one to tell the story of what this generation of our family is doing to carry on the environmental and social ideals that this company was built on.”

According to the company, the new labels are designed to help retailers merchandise the company’s entire line together more easily and effectively while bringing a more unified brand presence to store shelves. The altered labels also include tips and instructions for the best use of the products.

According to Mike Stacy, director of sales and marketing at Dr. Bronner’s, environmentally-friendly packaging is still popular—especially with his company’s clientele.

“We use 100% post-consumer-recycled plastics and people really do care,” he told Happi. “We also offer larger sizes in gallons and half gallons and can be used to refill and save on packaging.”
Futuristic accents like LED lights are also a growing trend in cosmetic packaging. Why?

“With so much competition, companies are always looking for unique ways to engage customers with their packaging,” said Leslie Munsell, creator of Beauty For Real, a Miami Beach, FL-based brand that incorporates lights into its products. “Our 15 lipglosses and Miracle Mascara have magnifying mirrors on the tube with applicators that feature an LED light that illuminates when applying. We also offer nail polishes featuring an LED light. This feature is an incredible bonus that makes getting ready on the go a whole lot easier and can also be used as a mini flashlight in your handbag, at a dimly-lit restaurant or in your car.”

The allure of lights is also seen in fragrance packaging. Jennifer Lopez’s first fragrance, Glow, turns 10 years this year. To celebrate this milestone, Glowing by JLo will be exclusively available at Kohl’s later this month. To symbolize Jennifer’s “glowing spirit,” the bottle features an innovative technology that gives it the ability to actually light up and “glow” when you spray it. The beauty and the lines of Baccarat crystal inspired the bottle. When the atomizer is pressed, the bottle beautifully illuminates for 15 seconds, according to the company.

What’s Old Is New
Vintage appeal from retro-inspired graphics are also taking packaging by storm this season, as seen with recent rollouts from The Body Shop, Bioré, MAC and Estée Lauder. MAC’s Hey Sailor collection, out this month, is decked out in stylishly sailor-striped packaging, a “fabulous flotilla” of small eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, powder blushes, pigments, eye pencils, lip pencils, nail lacquers and mascaras, to name a few of the items in the range.

The Body Shop utilizes a Pop Art-inspired print on its lip balms.
Meanwhile, Estée Lauder recently debuted the limited edition Mad Men Collection, which hit counters in time for the premiere of season five. The firm has a second collection in the wings that will launch in time for season six in 2013. The first collection features two classic makeup items (lipstick and rouge) inspired by the look of the women featured in the show’s New York City setting—bold, red lips and creamy and rouged cheeks. The outer carton for the collection is a custom design inspired by the Estée Lauder packaging from the 1960s.

Also, 1950s/1960s style Pop Art prints adorn the repackaged Born Lippy tinted lip balm sticks at The Body Shop with a punchy picture of lips and exclamations and Bioré is rolling out limited edition Deep Cleansing Pore Strips in a Pop Art-inspired tin. As the company touts it, “No need to hide your strips in the medicine cabinet—the exclusive tin makes your skincare routine pop. Plus, you can hang onto the limited-edition must-have as a chic keepsake long after the strips are gone.”

A Focus on the Future
Innovation is key to the future of packaging, according to industry tastemakers.
“As today’s consumers are adapting to a more ‘on the go’ type of lifestyle, space and convenience is becoming increasingly important,” noted Scott of Prime Label & Screen, “Instead, consumers are looking for packages with lower profiles that can easily fit in small areas.”

Recyclability is also an issue, he added.

“After a product’s use, space remains an issue in landfills. Hard plastic canisters and tubs occupy a lot of space. In the future, I see pressure on manufacturers to move away from bulky canisters and tubs to more environmentally friendly flexible alternatives,” Scott said.

Stacy of Dr. Bronner’s agreed.

“My bet would be on earth friendly packaging with an emphasis on less is more and availability of larger sizes available for refilling,” he told Happi.

Warford of ABA also concurred that the consumer demand for green packaging is a priority for future developments.

“Almost every one of our key primary packaging manufacturers is devoting high levels of engineering and investment in this area to address this growing trend,” he said. “There is definitely going to be a strong emphasis on producing more eco-friendly packaging options and more innovation.”

Schick Xtreme3 Uses 100% Recycled Plastic

• A disposable razor that’s good for the environment? Energizer’s Schick has seemed to answer that demand with the new Schick Xtreme3 Eco—the first disposable razor to use 100% recycled plastic in the production of its handle and 100% post-consumer paper in its packaging, according to the company. Manufactured and shipped out of the company’s 99.9% landfill-free facility in Milford, CT, Schick estimates it will be saving more than 103,000 pounds of virgin plastic material and 15,500 pounds of virgin paper from going into landfills each year by using recycled materials in the new razor.

“We know consumers are doing their part to live more sustainably, and we wanted to provide a simple way for them to do so with their shave,” said Suma Nagaraj, brand manager for Schick Xtreme3. “At Schick, we’re taking proactive steps to minimize the impact of our products and manufacturing processes on the environment, and we’re continually looking for ways to improve—creating this product was the next step in our journey.”

The intrigue of Xtreme3 Eco extends beyond its environmental impact to the story of each razor handle’s prior life. In order to have a more immediate impact on the environment, Schick chose to use post-consumer recycled plastic instead of other biodegradable or recycled materials. Among the items retrieved and recreated in the Eco razor handle are common household items like hangers, buckets and pails.

Overall, the recycling effort will save enough plastic each year to go up and down the Washington Monument more than 2,330 times, according to the company.

Packaging Supplier Directory

Here is a list of packaging suppliers to the beauty, personal care and household products industry. For more information, contact the supplier directly using the information provided.

3C Inc.
240 Braen Ave.
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
Tel: 973-310-341
Website: c3cinc@att.net
• 3C Inc. servicing the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry for over 28 years with packaging for the most famous names and those who will become famous. The many options we offer our customer separates us from the ordinary packaging suppliers. Featuring over 16 applicators for our automatic click pens. Introducing our new Eyeliner pens in 6 designs with a brush or nylon tip. We offer a complete line of stock containers and the option for a custom made compact, lipstick case, tube, bottle or jar.

Holtsville, NY (main office & warehouse);
Los Angeles, CA (satellite office)
Email: info@abapackaging.com
Website: www.abapackaging.com
• Established in 1984, ABA Packaging Corp. is a stocking distributor of glass fragrance and treatment bottles/PET bottles, tubes/glass and plastic jars/plastic wood and metal caps and closures/spray, treatment and lotion pumps/airless and treatment pump packages/rollerballs, mascara, lipgloss and lipstick packages/droppers and more. We provide decorating services.

Gennevilliers, France
+33 1 81 93 19 87
Website: www.albea-group.com
• Albéa is one of the world’s leading packaging companies providing a wide range of solutions for the makeup, fragrance, skin care, personal and oral care markets. Headquartered in France, Albéa operates in 13 different countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia. The product portfolio includes plastic and laminate tubes, mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses, compacts, plastic closures and shells, spray-caps, jars, lids, cosmetic accessories, bags and promotional items and full service.

Stratford, CT
Email: infobh.gbl@aptar.com
Website: www.aptar.com
• Aptar Beauty + Home creates innovative dispensing systems for fragrance, cosmetic, personal care and household product marketers. With a wide range of dispensing solutions and a broad geographic presence, Aptar Beauty + Home helps its customers stay ahead of the ever-changing demands of consumers around the globe.

Arkay Packaging
New York, NY
Email: info@arkay.com
Website: www.arkay.com
• One of the world’s premiere folding carton companies for 89 years, Arkay provides top global cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies with highly creative, cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Using the most advanced cutting-edge technologies in the business, and working with a palette of decorative special effects, Arkay partners with designers to meet any visual challenge.

Garwood, NJ
Email: info@brad-pak.com
Website: www.brad-pak.com
• Brad-Pak Enterprises, Inc. is a full service distributor of glass, plastic and aluminum containers, closures, pumps and numerous other items that can be used to showcase your products. Also offered are decorating/frosting and package engineering services. With an extensive knowledge of the cosmetic, fragrance, chemical, aromatherapy and personal care markets, Brad-Pak can help you select the package that is right for your product or market niche.

Chicago Paper Tube & Can Co.
Chicago, IL
Email: sales@chicagopapertube.com
Website: www.chicagopapertube.com
• Chicago Paper Tube & Can Company is a leading manufacturer of custom, high-end, round paperboard containers exclusively manufactured in the US. Headquartered in Chicago since 1898, we provide sustainable packaging for designer brands within a diverse group of industries, including health and beauty, home care and gourmet foods.

Coesia Health & BeautyInc./Norden
Branchburg, NJ
800-526-5074, ext. 107; 908-707-0073
Email: info@nordenmachinery.se
Website: www.nordenmachinery.se
• Norden is the world’s leading supplier of high-performance tube filling systems covering all speed ranges and all product ranges. The patented Hot Air sealing and many more innovations has made Norden the preferred supplier around the globe with service and after sales to match our technology.

Condensa S.A.
Santiago, Chile
56-2-519 5711
Email: matias.levit@condensa.cl
Website: www.condensa.cl
• Aluminum packaging manufacturer for the small- to large-sized company, with more than 35 years of experience in the aerosol and aluminum packaging industry. Specialized in the cosmetic and personal care industries and currently supplying the leading brands and the main contract fillers of the industry. ISO 9001:2008 certificated. F.E.A. regulations: European Federation of Aerosols.

Cosmogen Inc.
New York, NY
Contact: Marianna Cilauro; business development director East Coast
Email: mcilauro@cosmogen-inc.com
Website: www.cosmogen.fr
• Cosmogen has 30 years of experience as a cosmetic packaging company resulting in six years of expertise with the Squeeze Range Tubes. It designs and develops professional brushes, brushpens and tubes to clients’ expectations. Its expertise combines both containing and applying functionalities that enhance the cosmetic category. Cosmogen is a pioneer in the design, development and production of cosmetic packaging.

CoValence Laboratories
Chandler, AZ
Email: customerservice@covalence.com
Website: www.covalence.com
• CoValence Laboratories is a NOP-Certified, FDA- and cGMP-registered contract and private label manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the professional and retail skin care industry. We have been a prominent leader and driving force in the global skin care industry.

Dapy USA
New York, NY
646-393-4717 ext. 1
Email: davidjacquet@Dapyparis.com
Website: www.dapyparis.com
• Since 1980, Dapy Paris is a turnkey manufacturer of plastic injected molded packaging, folded boxes, vacuum formed platforms, set up boxes (cardboard, metal and/or wood), sleeves, backer cards and labels. As each product is unique, our approach is based on an in-depth study of your environment and your objectives to provide creative solutions that are carefully customized to your individual needs.

Diamond Packaging
Rochester, NY
Email: sales@diamondpkg.com
Website: www.diamondpackaging.com, www.diamondpackaging.com/green
• Diamond Packaging is a 100% women-owned, WBENC-certified company specializing in developing innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for the personal care (cosmetics and skin care, fragrance, hair care), health care, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food and confectionery industries. Diamond differentiates itself through innovative design, technical expertise, Diamond’s greenbox sustainability initiative, contract packaging services and its Global Packaging Alliance (GPA).

Hauppauge, NY
Website: www.discgraphics.com
Contact: John Rebecchi, SVP-marketing & business development
Email: sales@discgraphics.com
• DISC has been a leading resource in packaging and print for the beauty, personal care and consumer products industries for more than 20 years. We produce paperboard and plastic folding cartons, award winning specialty packaging, digital, offset and flexo printing, pressure-sensitive labels and have in-house foil stamping and specialty finishing operations.

Express Tubes
Kent, WA
Email: Info@expresstubes.com
Website: www.expresstubes.com
• Express Tubes has been producing anywhere from 5,000 to 5 million tubes to clients worldwide since 2003 and is now producing bottles, jars, aluminum cans, shrink sleeves and more. Our excellent customer service, high quality products, competitive pricing and quick lead times make us the experts in custom packaging.

Fusion Packaging
Dallas, TX (corporate headquarters)
New York, Los Angeles and Zhejiang, China
214-747-2004, 866-587-1152
Email: sales@fusionpkg.com
Website: www.fusionpkg.com
• Fusion Packaging, a global leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of skin care and cosmetics packaging, is a dynamic, collaborative company that understands the unique needs of product brands and the consumers they serve. Many of the world’s most recognized beauty companies have come to rely on Fusion’s innovation and expertise for their packaging needs.

Geka GmbH
Bechhofen, Germany
49 9822 87 01
Email: info@geka-world.com
Website: www.geka-world.com
• Geka is one of the world’s leading manufacturers ofbrushes, applicators and complete packaging systems for the cosmetics industry. Application expertise that has been accumulated over the years, a constant flow of innovations and countless patents mark us out as the application specialists.

Glenroy, Inc.
Menomonee Falls, WI
Email: info@glenroy.com
Website: www.glenroy.com
• Manufacturer of flexible packaging film for a wide array of products, including liquids, creams, lotions, balms, powders, towelettes and more. Glenroy’s value-added flexible packaging will provide you with consistent quality, environmental benefits, customized packaging solutions and the lowest cost of use. Glenroy’s quality flexible packaging films are enhanced with award-winning flexographic printing.

Global Packaging Inc.
Brea, CA
Email: stevegallo@globalpack.biz
Website: www.globalpack.biz
• Global Packaging Inc. is a manufacturer of plastic tubes and aluminum and plastic barrier laminate tubes in rounds, ovals and super-flat ovals and new airless PE tubes and PCR tubes. Offering high-end decorating in offset, silk screening and hot stamping of tubes and closures, with a wide variety of applicator tips and closures. Offering quick turn-around, competitive pricing and low minimums. In addition, we are a supplier of luxury jars and bottles.

HCT Packaging Inc.
Bridgewater, NJ
Email: hct@hctusa.com
Website: www.hctpackaging.com
• HCT Group possesses the world’s most comprehensive range of plastic, metal and carton board packaging and our stock packaging portfolio expands year on year.
Unparalleled expertise in trend analysis, design and engineering, together with our pilot and tooling capabilities allow us to fast track your developments from concept to customer ahead of the competition.

HLP Klearfold
New York, NY
Email: info@hlpklearfold.com
Website: www.hlpklearfold.com
• HLP Klearfold is a clear packaging specialist. We are the world’s largest and most experienced producer of plastic folding cartons and a leading supplier of tubes, rounds and custom thermoforming.
Our clear packaging is innovative, functional, creates strong visual impressions and helps to unlock a brand’s potential.

Identipak, Inc
McAllen, TX
Email: sales@identipak.com
Website: www.identipak.com
• Sampling is our business. We have been creating new and innovative product samples for various industries (i.e. personal care, cosmetic, etc.) for almost 20 years. We uphold the highest standards of quality and care, as well as green practices in our manufacturing. We offer sampling solutions that reach millions of consumers and turns them into loyal customers. So when you combine our impeccable quality, innovation, competitive pricing, stylistic design and packaging with our experience, you get what we call “Smart Sampling.”

Inoac Packaging Group Inc.
Bardstown, KY
Email: info@inoacusa.con
Website: www.inoacusa.com
• Packaging Group is a renowned global manufacturer of quality heavy-wall PET bottles and jars for some of the world’s most prestigious cosmetic companies. Inoac creates innovative packages for customers worldwide by combining the aesthetics of shape and color with the practicality of state-of-the-art technology and one-stop-shop manufacturing.

James Alexander Corporation
Blairstown, NJ
Website: www.james-alexander.com
• James Alexander is a custom filler contract packager of single-use glass and plastic ampoules. Our patented plastic ampoule has various tips, droppers, foam heads, angled and flat. Also available in any Pantone color. Our glass ampoules go into our swab, inhalant and dropper packages.

Jerhel Plastics, Inc.
Bayonne, NJ
Email: dfobox@gmail.com
Website: jerhel.com
• Jerhel Plastics, Inc. is a woman-owned business that was founded in 1986. We serve the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with high quality injection and blow molded packaging as well as turnkey solutions.

JSN Cosmetic Packaging
Irvine, CA
Email: info@jsn.com
Website: www.jsn.com
• JSN is an established US manufacturer of plastic squeeze tubes and custom injection molded products—primarily serving the personal care and cosmetic markets. We are family owned and our reputation has been built by providing our customers with consistently high quality products, and personalized customer support—at competitive domestic pricing.

Kaufman Container
Cleveland, OH
Email: sales@kaufmancontainer.com
Website: www.kaufmancontainer.com
• For over a century, Kaufman Container has been a one-stop packaging source, providing bottles, containers, tubes, jars, closures, cans, dispensing systems and more to a variety of markets.We also offer in-house decoration including screen printing, hot stamping, shrink and pressure-sensitive labeling.Warehousing and package development services available as well.

Knoll Printing & Packaging, Inc.
Syosset, NY
Email: info@knollpack.com
Website: www.knollpack.com
• Knoll Packaging designs innovative and creative packaging for demanding global brands. We manufacture uniquely shaped boxes that are highly decorated for luxury goods, with a focus on the spirits and cosmetic industries. Our depth of experience and understanding of production make these complex and intriguing designs achievable.

Lerman Container
Naugatuck, CT
Email: sales@lermancontainer.com
Website: www.lermaincontainer.com
• Lerman Container is your trusted procurement partner for end-to-end packaging solutions, with the added convenience of in-house manufacturing, on-demand inventory and decorating capabilities. Your one-stop source for packaging components including plastic and glass bottles and jars, plastic and metal closures and sprayers and more!

LF of America Corp.
Hollywood, FL
Email: info@LFofAmerica.com
Website: www.LFofAmerica.com
• Unit-dose and multi-dose plastic containers for the health and beauty industry. Ampoules in strip of five; unique wand tubes with silicone applicators; unique bellows containers. Specialized filling services.

Lombardi Design Manufacturing
Freeport, NY
Email: info@lombardi.cc
Website: www.lombardi.cc
• Providing a molding resource to transform ideas into tangible commodities, our aim is to ensure the process be simple and the experience be positive. Proven that our direction results in the making of the highest quality finished product. We pride ourselves on working closely with each client to produce the most efficient product.

New York, NY
Email: Packaging-us@maesa.com,
Website: www.maesa.com
• Maesa Divisions: Packaging, Beauty and Home—designs, engineers and manufactures creative packaging components, promotional products, turnkey beauty and home fragrance products for leading retailers and brands. Maesa Studio—brand identity, industrial design, package design, graphic design and comp creation.

McKernan Packaging
Clearing House

Reno, NV
Email: surplus@mckernan.com
Website: www.mckernan.com
• Whenever you have unwanted, obsolete or surplus packaging inventory, McKernan Packaging Clearing House is your opportunity to maximize profits. We are an environmentally responsible and profitable solution to scrapping or traditional recycling. When you need to clear inventory in a short period, call MPCH.

MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV)
Richmond, VA
Email: packaging@mwv.com
Website: www.mwv.com
• MWV is a global leader in consumer packaging and offers end-to-end capabilities in dispensing systems and packaging solutions for beauty and personal care, home and garden, and many other markets. MWV brings a unique understanding of consumer insights and materials expertise to create differentiated, quality packaging for the world’s most admired brands.

Millington, NJ
Email: richard.misdom@neopac.com
Website: www.neopac.com
• Neopac is the worldwide specialist for development and production of Polyfoil high barrier tubes. We are a leading tube provider in the premium segments of the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and dental industries for capacities from 1ml to 300ml. Our tubes enhance your product’s image with outstanding quality, safety and aesthetics.

New High Glass, Inc.
Miami, FL
E-mail: sales@newhigh.com
Website: www.newhigh.com
•With 30 years of providing quality glass and plastic packaging for cosmetics, fragrance, nail care and other industries, NHG has the products and experience to be your packaging supplier.

O.Berk Company
Union, NJ
Email: info@oberk.com
Website: www.oberk.com
• O.Berk Company, with four locations on the East Coast, provides complete packaging services and solutions to the beauty/personal care, pharmaceutical/healthcare, food/beverage and household/industrial markets, with stock and custom plastic and glass containers, caps, pumps, sprayers, along with labeling and decorating services.

Flemington, NJ
Email: grimaldi@padtech.net
Website: www.padtech.net
• Padtech AS, a Norwegian-based company, has developed and patented a single use, packaging system for topical products including liquids, creams, lotions, gels to ointments and powder. Our technology enables application of these actives directly onto a surface in a “hands free” manner.

Paris Art Label Co., Inc.
Patchogue, NY
Email: sales@parisartlabel.com
Website: www.Parisartlabel.com
• Paris Art Label is one of the oldest label manufacturers in the US specializing in silk screening, 4 color process, extended content labels, hot stamping, embossing, hang tags, shrink sleeves and also assembly and fulfillment through TAL. Please contact us for any of your labeling/assembly/and application needs.

Pearce Plastics, Inc.
Innovation Update, LLC
Pasadena, CA
Website: www.pearceplastics.com,
• Pearce Plastics, in business for over 50 years, manufactures caps and jars and specializes in vented technology for containers that need venting. All of our products are manufactured using Pantone Matching System colors in small and medium sized runs. We also have specialized colors called Cyber Colors.

PKG Group, LLC
Beverly Hills, CA (headquarters)
Fax: 310-205-9147
Somerset, NJ (East Coast Sales Office)
Fax: 732-560-9448
New York, NY (Showroom)
Email: sales@pkggroup.com
Website: www.pkggroup.com
• PKG Group is a well-known and established industry leader supplying complete packaging solutions for the cosmetic, beauty, skin care and personal care industries. PKG Group, LLC offers standard and custom airless packaging, LuxeFoil and PE standard and airless tubes through its exclusive representation of Yonwoo Korea in the Americas. PKG Group, LLC is your global source for standard and custom injection molded compacts, closures, heavy wall jars, injection blow and stretch blow heavyweight bottles as well as custom and stock designs for glass. PKG Group consistently strives to meet the needs of our customers and set new standards for high quality dispensing solutions and consumer use applications. PKG Group has an expert staff of sales, service, QA, industrial design and engineering professionals to help you realize your product and brand initiatives. Let the power of the group work for you.

Prime Label & Screen, Inc.
Pewaukee, WI
Email: sales@primels.com
Website: www.primels.com
• Prime Label & Screen specializes in flexible packaging and innovative resealable closures for a large variety of products including household, cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Edgewood, NY
Email: info@qosmedix.com
Website: www.qosmedix.com
• Qosmedix is a certified global supplier to the cosmetic and skin care industries. Founded on the concept of maintaining hygienic practices during beauty consultations, the company has expanded to provide an array of quality products that offer convenience and value including brushes, swabs, applicators, disposable spa wear, jars, bottles and more.

Perrysburg, OH
Email: closures.info@rexam.com
Website: www.rexam.com/closures
• Personal care plastic packaging supplier of one of the industry’s largest lines of double wall, single wall, expanded, and heavy wall jars; high end thermoset, continuous thread, tamper-evident, dispensing and child-resistant closures. Decoration options available.

SGD North America, Inc.
New York, NY
Website: www.sgdgroup.com
• SGD is the world leader in specialty glass packaging, offering glass production and in-house decoration, including spraying, screening, hot stamping, acid etching and gluing at our US facilities in Georgia. SGD also offers an extensive range of stock fragrance and cosmetic bottles “La Collection” which can be customized to achieve your creative dreams.

Stull Technologies
Somerset, NJ
Email: info@stulltech.com
Website: www.stulltech.com
• Stull Technologies is a worldwide leader in design, development, and manufacturing of innovative dispensing closures, caps, lids and packaging components. Stull will work with you on every phase of your project from conception to mass production. Our team provides ongoing support that combines cutting edge packaging solutions with improved speed-to-market processing.

Taiki USA
Montvale, NJ
Email: inquiry@taikiusa.net
Website: www.taikiusabeauty.com
• For over 50 years, Taiki Group has provided solutions for application challenges for the largest beauty brands in the world. Taiki specializes in the art and science of makeup and skin care application—beauty tools, beauty dispensers and beauty products.

Taplast USA
Willowbrook, IL
Email: alexp@taplast.com
Website: www.taplast.com
• Global manufacturer of innovative dispensing systems, including lotion pumps, spray pumps, foamer pumps and a wide variety of unique dispensing closures.

Unit Pack Co., Inc.
Cedar Grove, NJ
Email: info@unitpack.com
Website: www.unitpack.com
• Unit Pack features single dose packaging solutions in 0.5ml through 90ml. Applications for our contract unit dose packaging services include travel size toiletry packaging, cosmetic and cosmetic tester packaging, personal care and pharmaceutical unit dose packaging. Unit Pack is an FDA inspected and certified organic facility. All GMPs are in place.

Verla International, Ltd.
New Windsor, NY
Email: April@VerlaInternational.com
Website: www.VerlaInternational.com
• Private label manufacturer and contract packaging filling company, over 100 lines for nail polish, color cosmetics, skin care, fragrance and scrubs. Packaging library offers over 60,000 options. Full service and turnkey options.

The Visual Pak Companies
Waukegan, IL
Email: sales@visualpak.com
Website: www.visualpak.com
• Your single source for contract manufacturing and packaging solutions—liquid blending and filling; blisters, clamshells, trays and custom thermoforming; printed paperboard, blister cards, chip and folding cartons; secondary packaging, cartoning, blister sealing, steam shrink sleeving, multi-pack banding and shrink wrapping; and warehouse, distribution, fulfillment and logistics.

Clifton, NJ
Showroom: New York, NY
Email: Sales@vpipackaging.com
Website: www.vpipackaging.com
• ”Vision-Packaging-Innovation”-VPI provides innovative custom and stock packaging solutions to the personal care and beauty markets. Core competencies include custom bottles and jars in standard and heavy wall PETE. Airless dispensing systems. In house design. “Turn key” solutions in makeup, skin care, fragrance and promotional categories.

Wormser Corporation
Englewood, NJ
Email: sales@wormsercorp.com
Website: www.wormsercorp.com
• Wormser Corporation specializes in importing cosmetic and personal care packaging and products worldwide. We develop custom solutions utilizing our factories in China to achieve best results in price and quality. Our goal is to share our expertise with you and create products for every aspect of your production cycle.

World Wide Packaging
Florham Park, NJ
Email: sales@wwpinc.com
Website: www.wwpinc.com
• Since 1980, World Wide Packaging (WWP) has supplied the cosmetics and skin care industries with a complete range of components, as well as custom and stock molding for primary packaging, new plastic tube innovations, and contract manufacturing capabilities. World Wide Packaging is now offering formulation and filling services in its state-of-the-art facility. Appealing to the luxury, mass and teen markets, all of our products are backed by dependable service and competitive pricing.

Yorker Packaging
Greer, SC
Email: CSR@Yorkerpackaging.com
Website: www.yorkerpackaging.com
•At Yorker Packaging, we offer you more than just caps and closures. We provide you with a total solution—from closures to containers, custom designs, to an off-the-shelf item. We can take your product, top it, seal it, and package it with a complete solution that works for you and your customers. •

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