Healthy Skin Moisturizing Cream with Cranberry Seed Oil

January 1, 2006

Phase A
Deionized water
Jeepol 934 (Carbomer)

Phase B
Stearic acid
Cetyl alcohol NF
Stearyl alcohol

Phase C
Cranberol (Vaccinium macrocarpon [cranberry] seed Oil)
Coco butter USO deodorized
Jeechem HPIB (Cyclomethicone, hydrogenated polyisobutate, dimethicone crosspolymer-3)

Phase D
Jeechem TN (C12-15 alkyl benzoate)

Phase E
TEA (Triethanolamine)

Phase F
Jeecide G-II (Propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea, methyl paraben, propyl paraben)

Mixing is generally accomplished with 150-300rpm overhead mixing. Charge vessel with water and start agitation. Slowly charge Jeepol, begin heating to 70-75°C. Charge phase B ingredients in order listed. Continue mixing and heating to 70-75°C. At room temperature, premix phase C ingredients. When the batch temperature is 70-75°C charge to main vessel. Continue mixing at 70-75°C until the coco butter is completely melted, and the mixture is uniform. Charge phase D ingredients and discontinue heating. At 50°C charge phases E and F. Continue mixing until temperature is < 30°C.

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