Clear Makeup Remover Gel with Gemseals

August 1, 2006

Phase A
Gemseal 25 (Presperse) (C13-15 alkane)
Gemseal 40 (Presperse) (C15-19 alkane)
Volpo 5 (Croda) (Oleth-5)
Crodafos N-3 Neutral (Croda) (DEA Oleth-3 phosphate)

Phase B
Deionized water
Butylene glycol (Ruger Chemical)
Emery 912 (Cognis) (Glycerin)
Germaben II (ISP) (Propylene glycol [and] diazolidinyl urea [and] methylparaben [and] propylparaben)

Combine phase A and heat to 75-80°C with propeller mixing. Combine phase B with mixing and heat to 75-80°C. When both phases are at the appropriate temperature, add Phase B to A with increased mixing. Switch to side paddle mixing once all of phase B has been incorporated and uniform. Cool to 25°C and store in appropriate containers.

More Information
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