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Daily Wear Cream with SPF

Published July 1, 2008
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Phase A
Deionized water
Glucam E-10 (Noveon) (Methyl gluceth-10)
Propylene glycol
Liquapar Optima (ISP) (Phenoxyethanol (and) methylparaben (and) isopropylparaben (and) isobutylparaben (and) butylparaben)
Keltrol SFT (CP Kelco) (Xanthan gum)
Glucamate SSE 20 (Noveon) (PEG 20 methyl glucose sequistearate)
Promulgen D (Noveon) (Cetearyl alcohol (and) cetereth-20)
DC 200 Fluid (Dow Corning) (Dimethicone 100 cps)
ZinClear IM 50 AB (Zinc oxide (and) C12-15 alkyl benzoate (and) isostearic acid (and) polyhydroxystearic acid)

Phase B
Glucate SS (Noveon) (Methyl glucose sequistearate)

Phase C
Citric acid

Combine all ingredients in Phase A and heat to 75°C. Combine all ingredients in Phase B and heat to 75°C. Note: by using a 40% dispersion of ZinClear IM 50 AB, the actual concentration of zinc oxide in the finished formulation will be 20%. Add Phase A to Phase B and homogenize at 10,000 rpm until desired particle size is achieved. Add a 50% solution of citric acid until desired pH is achieved. Cool to room temperature before packaging.

More Information
This elegant oil-in-water (o/w) facial cream provides excellent full-spectrum ultraviolet (UV) coverage with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 28 (in vivo results).*  The use of the ZinClear IM zinc oxide dispersion enables a cream that is transparent on the skin, with a light, non-greasy feel desired by consumers, even at a 20% zinc oxide loading. ZinClear is a trademark of Advanced Nanotechnology Limited. 

*In-vivo SPF 28 results were achieved through a five person panel study.

More Information
Amerchol Corporation, (800) 367-3534, Fax: (989) 832-1465, (800) 443-2746, Website: www.amerchol.com

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