Rich & Creamy Shampoo and Mask

October 1, 2008

Phase A
Jaguar C17 (Rhodia Novecare) (Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride)
Miracare SLB365/N (Rhodia Novecare) (Water, sodium trideceth sulfate, sodium lauroamphoacetate, cocamide MEA)
Vesren 100 (Dow Chemical) (Tetrasodium EDTA
Hydrolyzed soy protein (A&E Connock)
Mirasil DME-2 KCG (Rhodia Novecare) (Water, dimethicone, laureth 8 (and)succinoglycan, preservative:methylchlorothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone)
Green PH 94748 (Kao via YDS Chemical)
Neolone 950 (Rohm & Haas) (Methylisothiazolinone)
Sodium chloride (20%)
Citric acid (50%)
qs pH 4.7
Deionized water
qs 100
Flamenco satin pearl 3500 (Engelhard) (Mica with titanium dioxide)

* 15% of a 20% NaCl solution have to be introduced. This corresponds to an active content in NaCl of 3%.

To prepare such a formula, low rpm mixing (typically 150 rpm) is recommended in order to properly structure the system and minimize air entrapment. Also, the agitation system has to be chosen carefully so that to ensure good recirculation of the product. The use of paddle stirrers, impellers or anchors is recommended. The blending procedure is the following (the mixing rate is set at 150 rpm except otherwise specified): Charge water into main vessel. Add if necessary NaOH 18% to bring pH above 7. Slowly add hydrolyzed soy protein. When totally dissolved slowly sift in Jaguar C17 and mix until uniform (about 15 min). Charge Miracare SLB-365/N and mix until uniform (about 15 min). Add the Mirasil DME-2 KCG, fragrance and mix until totally uniform (about 30 min).Charge sodium chloride solution and sodium benzoate into main vessel and mix until uniform (about 15 min). Adjust pH of the system to 4.7 with citric acid solution (50% aq.), and mix for one hour. After one hour mixing, slowly add the satin pearl mica, and mix with moderate speed to disperse the product.

Appearance: White, “lotion-like” solution with satin reflects
pH (as is) at 25°C: 4.6-4.7
Brookfield Viscosity at 25°C: 16200cps (LVT, 5, 10 rpm)
Density: 1.1
Stability: Stability at 45°C is in progress.

More Information
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