Premium Mid Nature-Based Shampoo

December 1, 2008

Phase A
Water (deionized)
to 100
RTD Coco-sulfate (HallStar) (sodium coco-sulfate)
HallStar PEG 6000 DS C (HallStar) (PEG-150 distearate)
Mirataine BET-C 30 (Rhodia) (cocamidopropyl betaine)

Phase B
Alkamuls PSML-80/72% (Rhodia) (PEG-80 sorbitan laurate)

Phase C
Citric acid (50% aqueous)

Phase D
CoSept 200 (HallStar)

Combine phase A, heating to 60°C (140°F) with mixing. When phase A is a completely homogeneous solution add phase B with continued mixing. Cool to 30°C (86°F) and then adjust pH to 6.3-7.3 with phase C. Add phase D sequentially and continue mixing until clear and homogeneous.

More Information
This stability tested nature-based formulation makes use of a primary surfactant selected for high foaming and secondary surfactants included for irritancy reduction and viscosity enhancement to yield a shampoo with near Newtonian rheology for an exceptionally rich feel during application. The concentration of HallStar PEG 6000 DS C may be modified to proportionately adjust finished product viscosity. As presented, the viscosity (RVTD, 5 to 100 rpm) is ~2400 cP at 25°C.

More Information
The HallStar Company,  Chicago, IL, (877) 427-4255, (312) 385-4494
Fax: (908) 852-1335, E-mail:, Website:
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