Economy Mild Nature-Derived Skin Care Lotion

January 1, 2009

1. Water [deionized]
2. Propylene Glycol USP EP (Dow) (Propylene glycol)
3. CoSept M (HallStar) (Methylparaben)
4. Carbopol 934 (Noveon) (Carbomer)
5. Sodium hydroxide NF (20% aqueous) (Sodium hydroxide)
6. HallStar KLA (HallStar) (Cetearyl alcohol (and) ceteareth-20)
7. HallStar MM (HallStar) (Myristyl myristate)
8. HallStar GMS Pure (Hallstar) (Glyceryl stearate)
9. RTD Stearic Acid V-1655 (Hallstar) (Stearic acid)
10. CoSept P (Hallstar) (Propylparaben)

(Use strong mixing, without aeration, throughout.) To main vessel add 1. Start mixing and begin heating to 45-50°C. Disperse 3 in 2 with mixing, heating as necessary to achieve solution. When 3 is fully dissolved, slowly add this premix to the main vessel with water at 45-50°C. With rapid but smooth agitation, very slowly add 4 to the main vessel (when an eductor is available, withhold some water for use with the eductor to incorporate 4). Continue heating this water phase to 75-80°C. Meanwhile, in a separate vessel combine 6 through 10 and heat this oil phase to 70-75°C and mix to make uniform and prevent overheating. When the water phase is at 75-80°C, with the carbomer fully dispersed (no “fish eyes”), slowly add 5 to the main vessel, maintaining strong mixing without aeration. After several minutes, when the batch is uniform, slowly add the uniform, 70-75°C, oil phase. Maintain the batch at 75°C for 20 minutes (until a uniformly small particle size emulsion is achieved) and then start cooling. At 45°C add fragrance and approved colorants as desired. Stop cooling and mixing when uniform and at desired filling temperature. Perform final quality assurance checks.

(25°C, freshly prepared; uncolored and unfragranced)
Appearance: thick, smooth white lotion
Aesthetics: no tack during application or rub-in
Odor: bland and characteristic
pH (10% aq): 6.7
Viscosity (Brookfield  RV, T-D, 5, 10, 50 & 100 rpm; cPs):  64000, 34800, 8920 & 4980
Stability: passed three freeze-thaw cycles and five months at 45°C

More Information
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Fax: (908) 852-1335, E-mail:, Website:
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