Mommy n Me Lavandin Diaper Cream

January 1, 2009

Phase A
Glucate SS emulsifier (Lubrizol Advanced Materials) (Methyl glucose sesquistearate)
Organic sunflower seed oil (Formula One Science) (Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil)
Organic olive oil (Formula One Science) (Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil)
Lanolin USP AAA lanolin product (Lubrizol Advanced Materials) (Lanolin)
Organic coconut oil (Formula One Science) (Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil)
Organic beeswax (Formula One Science) (Beeswax)
Glucamate SSE-20 emulsifier (Lubrizol Advanced Materials) (PEG-20 methyl glucose sesquistearate)
Versene Na2 crystals (Dow) (Disodium EDTA)
Bentone LT (Elementis Specialties) (Hectorite, hydroxyethylcellulose)
Lavandin grosso pure oil (50-6153-02) (Lebermuth) (Lavandula (Lavandin) hybrida oil)
Biovert enzyme and substrate preservative (Arch Personal Care Products)(Glucose, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase)
Part A: Substrate 1.00
Biovert enzyme and substrate preservative (Arch Personal Care Products) (Glucose, glucose oxidase, lactoperoxidase)
Part B: Enzyme 0.05

Phase B
Zinc Oxide Z-Cote Max (BASF) (Zinc oxide, dimethoxydiphenylsi- lane/triethoxycaprylylsilane crosspolymer)

Phase C
Deionized water

Phase D
Chamomile Herbasol extract PG (Cosmetochem) (Chamomilla recutita (matricaria) flower extract, water, propylene glycol, sorbitol, phenoxyethanol, methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, butyl-, isobutylparaben)

Phase A:  In a suitable vessel, add phase A ingredients in order and mix at 200 RPM and heat to 75°C.  Mix until uniform.  Phase C: In a separate vessel, combine phase C ingredients and mix at 200 RPM and begin heating to 75°C.  Add phase B into phase A while mixing at 400 RPM. Mix until uniform. Add phase D into phase C, mix until uniform, continue heating to 75°C. While both parts are at 75°C, add phase A/B (oil phase) to phase C (water phase) with good mixing, ~400RPM. Heat batch to 80-85°C with good mixing, ~400RPM for 10 minutes or until uniform.  Remove heat and allow batch to cool. When batch has cooled to <40°C, add Chamomile Herbasol Extract PG and Lavandin Oil (fragrance) batch, mix until uniform.  Add Biovert Enzyme & Substrate Preservative: First add the Biovert substrate solution (1%) followed by the Biovert enzyme solution (0.05%).  Note:  It is important to add the two components separately.  Mix until uniform.

Appearance:     White Smooth Viscous Cream
pH:    7.9 – 8.2
Viscosity (mPa·s):**     26,000 – 35,000
Stability:      Passed 12 weeks @ 45°C, 5 cycles freeze/thaw
Recommended Packaging:     Opaque squeeze tube

**    Brookfield RVT or DV-II @ 20 rpm, 25°C,
    #7 spindle, measured at 24 hours

More Information
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc. (Noveon Consumer Specialties), 9911 Brecksville Road, Cleveland, OH 44141-3247,  Tel: 216-447-5000, 800-379-5389, Fax: 216-447-5250,
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