Extremely Hydrating Gel

April 1, 2009

Phase A
Deionized water
Disodium EDTA
Carbopol Ultrez 21 Polymer (Lubrizol) (Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer)
Glucam E-20 humectant (Lubrizol) (Methyl gluceth-20)
Butylene glycol
Merquat 3330 (Polyquaternium-39) (Nalco)
Ajidew (Ajinomoto) (Sodium PCA)
Shiseido sodium hyaluronate powder (Shiseido) (Sodium hyaluronate (1% aqueous solution))
Dow Corning 193C (PEG-12 dimethicone

Phase B
Sodium hydroxide (18%)

Phase C
Aloe Vera Gel Decolorized 1X (Code: AG002) (Terry Labs) (Aloe barbadensis leaf juice (0.5% Aloe TS))

Phase D
Phenonip (Clariant) (Phenoxyethanol, methyl-, ethyl-,butyl-, propyl-, (and) isobutylparaben)

Phase E
LipoSphere 0290 (Lipo Chemicals/Dow Corning) (Helianthus annuus, retinyl palmitate, tocopheryl acetate, agar, aqua, (and) CI 77289)
0.30 g/100 of the gel

Dissolve disodium EDTA in deionized water. Disperse Carbopol Ultrez 21 Polymer on the surface of deionized water. When the polymer is fully wetted, mix batch (200-300 rpm) and slowly add Glucam E-20 humectant and butylene glycol. Mix until uniform.  Neutralize the batch with phase B. Mix until uniform.  Decrease the mixing speed to 100-200 rpm. Make a 1% TS solution of sodium hyaluronate. Sequentially add the components of phase C to batch. Mix until uniform.  Continue mixing and add phase D ingredients.  Mix until uniform. Slowly add the beads into the gel (0.30g : 100g gel) through slow agitation (50 rpm).

Appearance: Translucent low viscosity gel with suspended beads; pH: 5.5-6.0; Viscosity (mPa·s) Brookfield DV-II+ Pro @ 20 rpm, 25°C, #3 spindle, measured at 24 hours:1,400-1,600; Yield Value (dyn/cm²) 80-130; PC 801 Colorimeter – (Sybron Brinkman): 80-85; Recommended Packaging: Clear pump bottle     (with UV protection); Stability: Passed 3 months @ 45°C and 25°C, 5 cycles freeze/thaw.

More Information
Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc. (Noveon Consumer Specialties), Tel: (216) 447-5000, (800) 379-5389; Website:
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